Friday Madness!


turkeymeant to blog this yesterday but you know Thanksgiving takes ALL DAY long!  I started cooking those pies that I didn’t get to on Wednesday at 7 am and finished with the buns at noon!  Just in time to go to my sister’s for dinner.  The stuffing was awesome this year. The boys spent the afternoon with video games and my sister did some scrapbooking.  I cut out a new quilt!  Can’t wait to start sewing it.

The inside of this card says “then thanksgiving would be a lot more fun!” wish the kids could have been here.  We could have gone to both places the kids were at but didn’t really feel like traveling!  Imagine that! The Green Bay Packers played the Detroit Lions and we LOST!  Big time.  40-10 gasp it’s going to be a long football season.

Heading in to do a little Black Friday shopping!  Have a good weekend!


Wednesday Madness!

Christmas Cards


joyful insideSo it is hump day of a week of madness!  Having a terrible time with my madness back pain.  The bright side of things is that when I lay down the pain goes away.  So I work a little, lay a little, work a little, lay a little!  Onward rejoicing we go!  House cleaning day today and then on to pie making.  No kids for thanksgiving this year.  I think this is a first for us.  I guess we raise them to go on to their own lives not to live with us for ever!  Have a great day!

Stamps Used:  C193 AP’s Holly, C217 Be Joyful!, E209 Xmas Season Reason Rejoice.


Monday Madness!


snowman w mouseso I really like using crazy  colors for snowman cards!  Makes them so interesting.  This was a popular card at the One of a Kind Rubber Stamp Show in Madison.  We had a great time there this weekend.  Everyone kept looking for a little snowman stamp with a mouse but the stamp is actually quite big.  Here is what it looks like:

JJ16so it can go across a full card…can be used in punches…or stamped in a little one inch circle!  so cute!

We had a lot to do today 😦 and I’m not sure if we accomplished a lot or not :).  I have been fighting a back pain that I’m not sure where it is coming from but I think a pulled muscle in my shoulder.  No pain when I lay down but standing or sitting causes great discomfort that advil doesn’t even touch. Holding my shoulder very still helps too!       Hard to get things done but we did get all the special orders and internet orders out.  I have a few store orders we are working on but they are almost done too!  Had a productive one hour stamping so I should have some cards to upload this week.  so I guess I got some things done  🙂  Went grocery shopping to get stuff to make: yams, homemade rolls, apple pie, cherry pie and or course pumpkin pie.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Stamps Used:  JJ16 KB’s Snowman w/ Mouse; DD61 Snow Fun Cube; DD60 1.25 circle and dots

For those who are interested…we have the variety pack of circle triple z fold cards back in stock again and all the other colors too!


Off to Madison!

Christmas Cards

be merrytrying to be merry this morning as we get ready to leave for Madison!  It is going to be a COLD one!  We got a dusting of snow last night and since it’s below freezing I guess it will stay!  Hoping that the roads are not too bad so we decided to wait till daylight to leave and hope WI has done some salting.  Have a good weekend!

Stamps Used:  G205 KB’s Snowman Scene & C215 Be Merry!



Just for You

Hello, Just a Note

just for you

It’s a long john kind of day here in WI today!  Chilly One!

I love this printed paper!  Stripes!  Polka Dots! You can never go wrong with stripes and polka dots. Just a simple clean card!  Stamps Used:  G165 KB’s Silphnium in a Jar Lg, GG19 Giga/Mega Stitch Stamp, C238 Just for You.  This card is so ME!

We appreciate the condolences that have been sent.  Went to the PO Box yesterday and came home with a pile of handmade sympathy cards!  I’ll share one tomorrow.


Life must go On!

Baby Cards

baby elephantsso life does go on….

We made it home from the southwest to rain, wind and what else?  Snow this morning!  We are glad to be home but much to catch up on.  We will be at the Madison, WI One of a Kind Rubber Stamp Show this weekend so lots to do.

My friend Michelle made this card.  I love how she uses printed paper and stamps together .  so adorable!

Stamps Used:  DD54 KB’s Baby Elephants, B266 Oh, Baby!, J33 KB’s Baby Animals Border, B264 Kb’s Open Heart, E252 KB’s Open Love.


Simple Sympathy

With Sympathy

sympathy flowersHere’s a simple Sympathy Card.  Love the twine.

We are out in Carson, CA getting ready for the original rubber stamp convention.  Getting ready to pick up Karissa from the airport and then set up for the show.  

I’ve decided my ear problem is directly related to allergies.  If I skip a Zyrtec pill for one day my ear plugs up and causes all kinds of problems.  As a teenage I remember living on allergy pills and for years have had no problems but seem to be back to living on allergy pills.  At least they help!  Have a good weekend!  Looking forward to heading home soon.


Karissa’s Sympathy


sympathy floral gardenKarissa needed a sympathy card the other day and so this is what she came up with.  I really like it because it’s more manly and yet simple.

We leave for Carson, CA in the morning.  Karissa is joining us out in Carson to help with the show.  The weather out here is perfect!  Sonya was telling me about putting plastic on her windows (keeps the cold out!) and here we sit in 65-75 degree weather.  Glad for a little break from cold weather.  Have a great day!