Friday Madness!

turkeymeant to blog this yesterday but you know Thanksgiving takes ALL DAY long!  I started cooking those pies that I didn’t get to on Wednesday at 7 am and finished with the buns at noon!  Just in time to go to my sister’s for dinner.  The stuffing was awesome this year. The boys spent the afternoon with video games and my sister did some scrapbooking.  I cut out a new quilt!  Can’t wait to start sewing it.

The inside of this card says “then thanksgiving would be a lot more fun!” wish the kids could have been here.  We could have gone to both places the kids were at but didn’t really feel like traveling!  Imagine that! The Green Bay Packers played the Detroit Lions and we LOST!  Big time.  40-10 gasp it’s going to be a long football season.

Heading in to do a little Black Friday shopping!  Have a good weekend!


One Response to “Friday Madness!”

  1. Says:

    Beth – just wanted to let you know I received my stamp Wed – came thru just fine.

    know what you mean about not having kids home for T’giving. we went to my husband’s sister’s place.

    Thanks – Lori DeSaulniers – from Iowa

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