March 13


Hello! The year is going fast and this stamp is a great way to mark your current cards.

We are still making stamps! Have a lot yet to do to get my classes ready too. Good thing we have another week before we leave. We will have two shows in a row so hoping for warmer weather.

Stamps Used: Hand Made 2019; EE71 Potted Lazy Susan Med; C123 Glad Friends; A190 Tiny Heart; Dots & Circles (1.75);

2 thoughts on “March 13

  1. Hi Beth, I am interested in the below dragon stamp but I didn’t see it on your website.  I’m also looking for D259 it said something like The Chill of Winter is warmed by friends (something like that). I also noticed that the price of the wood stamps were the same the cling when I put them in the cart so I was wondering if that is the case. Anyway, hope all is well.  We just had our March blizzard here in Colorado but will be in the 50’s by the weekend.  Spring is on the way! Take care! JoAnn P. S.  Sandy says “HI”  


  2. Hi JoAnn! I guess tou’ve had quite a snow storm in Colorado!! I added the D259 Chill of Winter. The dragon -there are two Fire & Smokey; both are on the website too. Search dragon and they should come up. If you need more let me know! oh and yes wood & cling are the same price. It actually costs more to produce the cling; mostly due to indexing. Beth. Stay warm!


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