Monday, Dec 2nd!

bulb and branch

bulb and branch insideGood Monday Morning!  It’s going to be a great day!  My back/shoulder/rib pain is almost gone!  Yes, I’m so excited!  That was painful.  We decided that I must have pulled a rib muscle in the cold during set up for the Madison show.  I was pushing a cart and it hit a hole and I reached to grab it to keep it from tipping over.  While it didn’t hurt at the time…it became increasing uncomfortable over the next few days.  Any way that is our best guess!  I like the saying a body in motion stays in motion so I just kept moving even though I thought it was going to kill me 🙂

Here’s a very simple Christmas card this morning.  So easy and just a few steps!

Stamps Used:  EE41, CC48, G289, F51 & F181

So I did venture out on Black Friday…walked in to Joanne Fabrics and looked at all the people and walked out!  My winter project is a blue and yellow quilt.  I had blue fabric and yellow fabric but I wanted a really cool blue and yellow fabric.  I had cut all the fabric on thanksgiving but knew I needed more.  So I thought surely it can’t be that bad.  Well it was!  Then on Saturday Kevin need to go to town for something so I thought I would try Joannes again.  Not quite as bad so I started looking for fabric when a young girl said to me “do you have your ticket for cutting yet?”  no, I said and she said “you better get it if you have any hope of getting fabric cut!” So I went and got one.  It was B17.  There were currently on A22.  Good Grief!  so I just glanced through the fabric and found just the PERFECT fabric.  Groan!  So I sent Kevin on his way to do his errands and I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.  Seriously 2 hours later I got my fabric cut!  But the fabric is perfect!  I love it!  Will take a picture tonight to show you guys.

so this is the mess that I’m going to clean up today….wish me luck.  hate paper work 😦 🙂



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One Response to “Monday, Dec 2nd!”

  1. Bette Says:

    The ornament just knocks this out of the park!

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