Be Merry!




Good Morning!  It’s Friday!  Exciting! Easy to be merry on a Friday!

We are finishing up on our cling mount displays today.  Kevin has been peeling up the floor in the mudroom to get ready for tiling it…maybe tomorrow 🙂

Have a funny story to tell you about Kevin 🙂  He was cutting the peg board in half for the displays and he says to me…”this one is a little crooked ”  So I say “why is it crooked?”  He’s says “well, I shut my eyes.”  My reply “YOU WHAT!??”  Seriously why would you shut your eyes while cutting with a saw 🙂  Apparently he didn’t put goggles on and the sawdust was flying.  Lucky he still has all his fingers.

Stamps Used:  E259 KB’s Penguin Lg, C215 be merry, EE51 KB’s Santa’s Hat

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “Be Merry!

  1. You are lucky Kevin! Next time, STOP, and take the time to go get your goggles. You need both your eyes and your fingers to work those registers at the shows!


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