Tues April 15

coffee gift 1

coffee gift 2

so here is another awesome card from Michelle!  She puts a ton of work into her cards and it sure shows!  Love them!  Love how she sewed the edge of this card.  I have a sewing machine in my studio but it is not completely set up but I’m getting inspired by these cards.  I also like how she used the swiss dot stamps with a circle die cut!

Lots going on today…we have special company coming today.  One of our 95 year old ministers and his great nephew and his great great nephew.  What a privilege! My parent are coming to spend a couple of days 🙂  Happy they are feeling well enough to travel.  The laundry room is almost done!!!!  Very, very close!  I need to order a door today since we are changing the doors in the house because they are just cheap standard grade ugly doors.  Oh and can’t forget the trip to the accountant to file taxes and send the good old USA a check!  Have a great day hope your having a special day too!


5 Responses to “Tues April 15”

  1. Judy Says:

    Ths would be a great card to give teachers at the end of a class. One question though, behind the sewn piece is that a gift card for coffee?


  2. Kathy M. Says:

    I couldn’t see the card today Beth? Have a wonderful visit with your parents and I hope the snow has stopped for the season!


  3. Kathy M. Says:

    Now that I sent the comment I can see it in this mode. Hope I can save it to my Endless Creations file this way 🙂


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