Moving Day!

Thank You Cards


Here is another sweet tag from Sharon!  I love the colors!

Today we are heading to MN to help Karissa move from one apartment to another! How does a year go so fast?? It seems like we just moved her and here we are moving again.

We have a few more states coming in anticipation of our upcoming show in West Springfield, MA!  Here they are:



hope your weekend is a good one!

Quick Post!



how cute is this adorable tag!  This was made by a customer Sharon.  The flower stamp is off the C191 Flower in a jar stamp…how clever!  Contemplating a MNT with it??!!

We are running to town (I ordered a door for the new laundry room and it came in while we were gone so I’m getting nervous they will send it back!?) also getting a few groceries and then back to work!!  Hope your weather is a nice as ours!  We have a perfect 70 degrees!




Good Afternoon!  We have been busy making stamps all day and getting orders out.   Here is again a 3.5″x5.0 card…just very simple.  I did line the card with text weight paper since the card is black.  Hope your week is going good!  My sister is cooking tonight so any day you don’t have to cook is a good day 🙂

Home Sweet Home

Thinking of You

#23We have finally made it HOME!

After a very long weekend in Portland, OR (although we  had an awesome time at the show!) and a very long drive we made it safely home again this afternoon.  We had good traveling weather except for a little rain in Minnesota yesterday evening.  We are very glad to be sleeping in our own bed tonight.   But…no rest for the wicked…we leave again in one week for the West Springfield, MA show.  so it’s off to bed so we can get up early and start working on all the orders that have piled up over the long holiday weekend!


Fun Adventure!



Good Afternoon!  How you bean?  so simple and cute.  Love these 3.5″x5.0″ cards.

Kevin and I had quite an adventure today!  Sometimes we do some crazy things…like driving in downtown Portland with the big truck and trailer!  Look at this awesome scenery we have seen!

tunnel #1

such a fun tunnel!


this road then dropped us right into downtown Portland!


we enjoyed our drive into Portland!  Spent several hours at Ikea (and several $’s!) and now we are relaxing at the hotel near the Expo Center.  Hope your day was good too!

Busy Wednesday!

Friendship, Frogs & Bugs, Hello, Thinking of You


Here is another 3.5″x5.0″ Triple Circle Card from my 40 birthday cards…so sweet…

We have had a busy morning today.  We are staying with Kevin’s sister here in Portland who has 3 children…which makes any day busy :)… but this morning we babysat the youngest who has afternoon kindergarten… as people with very old children…you sorta forget how busy their “chatter” makes things!   We went to Lowe’s to get some bricks because Kevin is building some sort of patio for his sisters dog kennel!  I haven’t ventured out to see what he’s building but he enjoys doing that sort of thing.

I have gotten my Brother Scan and Cut machine out this afternoon so I plan to play with it and see what else I can learn to do with it!  Have a great “HUMP” day!

feel better soon

Get Well Soon


Good Afternoon! We have bright and sunny sunshine today here in Portland, OR! I uploaded the new stamps to the website today so we should be all caught up with them. I also uploaded the handmade in the states that we have done…

We currently have these states done:
C243 Handmade in OH

C244 Handmade in MN (this is actually one of two!)


C245 Handmade in WI

D284 Handmade in WA


D285 Handmade in MN (two of two!)

My feel better soon card is again one of the 40 so it is 3.5″x5.0″ wide. simple and sweet. Hope your week is going good!

Thank You Puyallup WA!

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Here is another cute little 3.5″x5.0″ made with the sizzix triple flip it circle dies.  This card was part of my 40 card birthday present.

We had an awesome time is Puyallup as usual.  So fun to see all the regulars Darlene, Yara, Sharon, Linda and so many more!  Had some awesome students in my classes and enjoyed our time here is WA!  Getting ready to head to Portland, OR today.  Washed some clothes, got my orders all together, and re-packed and got all organized again.  Hope your week has started out good too!


Using up leftovers!



Good Morning!  Barbaralee you will like this card using up the leftover flowers from yesterdays card.  I too find that the swiss dot embossing folder is probably one of my favorites.  It’s an oldie but goodie.  We continue to carry it in the booth even though it is very old.  There are some things you just can not get rid of.  This card again is one of the 40 birthday cards so it is a small 3.5″x5.0″ card.  They fit inside a  Bar 4 envelope.

We have been up since the crack of dawn!  We are two hours behind our time so it gets a little confusing to the body but it usually doesn’t take too long to adjust.

We will be at the Puyallup, WA fairgrounds this weekend more information is available at   Have a great weekend.  The forecast for Seattle is RAIN!  Imagine that?!  so perfect for getting to a stamp show.

Arriving Safe and Sound!

Hello, Just a Note


We have arrived safe and sound in Puget Sound!  It was a long tedious drive 🙂  We have been listening to the Game of Thrones book and sometimes it’s just a little hard to stomach but it sure helps the time go by.  I have had enough of knitting, of sitting, and of McDonald’s:)  It took us 34 hours of driving time.

Here is another cute little 3.5″x5.0″ card from the 40th Birthday.  Clean and simple with punches.

Many of you may not know but we used to live out here in the Puget Sound area.  Our son Travis was actually born here in Renton, WA so we have lots of friends out here.  We already have a supper date for tonight.  So excited to see our friends and happy to be out of the truck!

Missoula, MT

Thank You Cards


so I was telling you about my 40 cards that I made for a friends 40th birthday.  Here is the beginning of them.  All of the cards are 3.5″x5.0″ to fit in a Bar 4 Envelope…including this little circle card. So fun to make it out of printed paper!

We made it all the way to Missoula, MT tonight.  We drove 13 hours yesterday and 13 hours today with another 8 to go tomorrow.  Ugh.  Tired of the truck!  Will be happy to be in Puyallup, WA!

Off and Running!

Friendship, Get Well Soon, Hello, Just a Note, Thinking of You


Good Morning!  It’s bright and early here in WI as we pack to get moving and head to Seattle, WA and Portland, OR area.  We usually stay in MN with my brother but it makes the last day of travel difficult so we are heading all the way to Bismark, ND today.  We have 3 full days of travel.  We have a new series of books downloaded from audible so we should be occupied.  Have my knitting bag so looking forward to a few days of knitting.

Karissa has been working on some cards and so I’m stealing them for the blog!  Love this sweet simple card.  She found some lace tape…yes it is actually tape…I would love to be able to sell it but haven’t been able to find it…but it is cool.  I still looking for it….

Have a great Tuesday…