Arriving Safe and Sound!


We have arrived safe and sound in Puget Sound!  It was a long tedious drive 🙂  We have been listening to the Game of Thrones book and sometimes it’s just a little hard to stomach but it sure helps the time go by.  I have had enough of knitting, of sitting, and of McDonald’s:)  It took us 34 hours of driving time.

Here is another cute little 3.5″x5.0″ card from the 40th Birthday.  Clean and simple with punches.

Many of you may not know but we used to live out here in the Puget Sound area.  Our son Travis was actually born here in Renton, WA so we have lots of friends out here.  We already have a supper date for tonight.  So excited to see our friends and happy to be out of the truck!

2 Responses to “Arriving Safe and Sound!”

  1. Barbaralee Says:

    This card is adorable! Can hardly wait to make it because I LOVE making cards with the “dot” embosser. Soooo Sweet!!

  2. Lori DeSaulniers Says:

    CUTE CARD! Love the punching and embossing.
    Glad you made it “safe and sound”.

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