Update of Glasses Die Cut


HB Owl Grey Glasses Quickutz I know that I have blogged this card before but I wanted you all to know about this die cut from Quickutz/Lifestyle Crafts/WeRMemory.  We have used this on several cards in our booth and customers ask about it often.  We have been trying to order them for the booth for several months now and we finally got through to WeR Memory and we were told they were all sold out and would no longer be available!  Bummer.  I know that the Brother ScanNCut has an eyeglass pattern that is really cute but we are unable to make it small enough to use on the owls. I got a phone call from WeR Memory the other day and they thought they had found 51 of them!  I said I would take them all!  I only got 8!  We are bringing 6 of them to StampFest in Orlando, FL and the other 2 we put on the website.  So if you have been wanting them here is the link


I’m not sure if this link will work 😦 sometimes I’m challenged with technology!  Otherwise go to our website at http://www.shopec.com and go to the online store and search eyeglasses and it will come up!

We are some where in TN; Had some trouble with the internet at the hotel but I have been using my IPhone as a hot spot and it seems to be working.  Amazing Technology!  Good travel weather so far but long days in the truck.

Florida Bound!



so we are off in the truck this morning headed for Orlando, FL!  Yesterday I had planned to spent time in my studio stamping when I suddenly realized the grass needed mowing so there went my time in the studio.  Then Kevin needed my help with the pool.  Our pool liner got a rip in it so that means the whole thing comes out and a new one put in.  He spent the last two days on the pool.  All is well now, the liner is in and the pool is filling up with water.

I thought I would share how I’m storing my mats for my brother machine.  Kevin put up some pegboard in the studio and I thought I would punch a hole in the mat but Kevin didn’t think that was a good idea so I  had some pant hangers hanging around and they  work beautifully!


Ready to Go!

Friendship, Hello, smile, Thinking of You


Everything is rosy here since I am all packed and ready!  With my time this afternoon I will be getting some new make n takes together.  My brother machine helped me get ready!  That machine is amazing!  I needed to punch 120- 2.5″ scallop circles and 240- 1.25″ scallop circles for our project on Friday night in Orlando.  That would take forever!  So I loaded the scallops in my brother machine and in 12 minutes I had 81-1.25″ Scallop circles!  AND during that 12 minutes I was doing something else productive!

Here is what it looked like:

red scallops 1

red scallops 2

they other awesome thing….there is literally no waste!  The cuts are so close together.

Wedding Wishes


jm 1jm 2

the wedding is over, the company is all gone, the stamps are all done for Orlando and there is still one more day before we leave.  I do have some odds and ends to do yet for Orlando and maybe get the house clean?!??

Here’s a picture of my sister and her beautiful family!  We wish them the very best!





Here is a fun card!  We re-sized the smile face and it is so cute!  We are smiling today as we await all our family to arrive for the wedding!

Stamps Used:  DD74 KB’s Smile Face Med.; C270 A smile is a curve

Here is one of the projects that we worked on this last weekend.  A Flower Bed !

flower garden

plain old cheap bricks to AWESOME!

flower garden 2

now if we could just get the grass to look half way decent 😦 🙂

Color Inspiration

Just a Note


so here is my color inspiration for my red and orange cards!

flower card

I did cut my flower out on the brother scan and cut.  I do LOVE that machine.  So easy to use.  Remember if you order one until June 21st Brother will send you a $20 Visa Pre-Paid Card.  We are offering free shipping on our website.  Just type in brother in the search and from there you can order it!

Taste Good!



good evening!  Orange and Red…I purchased some kitchen towels that were orange and red and thought it would make a great color combo for a card…and it does.  Humid and Hot weather here in Green Bay today.  No storms so far but thunderstorms are predicted for tonight.

This was a great gift that I got at my 50th birthday party!  How fun is that?? Kevin has most of the candy eaten! I might have helped a little bit too!

candy gift

Oh Good Grief!

Creatures, Frogs & Bugs


Good Morning!  So here’s another new stamp that is coming out!

So for those of you who know your grammar…:) thanks for letting me know about the grammar problem with the stamp from our post on Friday!  The day was Friday the 13th, a full moon, and MY 50th Birthday!  Hard to believe I’m that old but it’s true…my sister couldn’t let the day go by without a party!

birhday cake

so I survived the party and re-made the stamp!


lot’s going on this week with my sister getting married!  We have a fabulous day for Green Bay today -80 degrees and sunny.  We had a really productive weekend around the house and I will be showing you some of the things we have done later this week.

Also a GOOD offer from Brother.  They are offering a pre-paid visa card for $20 with the purchase of the Brother Scan and Cut until June 21st.  We are putting the machine on our website so you can purchase it directly from us if you would like!  I LOVE the machine and from everyone who has purchased one…I have been hearing the same thing.  We will offer them for $449.00 for the  CM250.  We are not charging shipping as of yet so a great deal!  so have a GREAT Monday!

Birthday Kite


incredible birthday

Here is one of our new stamps that just came out!  Got to spend a few hours in my studio yesterday (spent the first 45 minutes cleaning up from the last time!)  LOVING my new brother machine.  I used it several times yesterday. At supper on Wednesday my future brother-in-law said to me “I love your brother!” I said which one since I have two but he was talking about my Scan and Cut!

I started putting the new stamps on the website last night but it will take a few more hours at the keyboard.  I did get all the new handmade by different states on.  We hope to take the weekend off and do some projects around the house so looking forward to that.  Have a great Father’s day…so glad my kids have one of the greatest Dad’s in the world!

Another 3.5″x5.0″ Card



My 3.5″x5.0 cards continue!  40 is a lot of cards.  For those of you just joining the blog…a friend of my had a 40th birthday and we were all asked to send her 40 of “something” small.  I sent 40 3.5″x5.0 handmade cards which we have been showing on the blog over the past month or so.  Interestingly the 40 cards took me about 4 hours to complete.  I cut and scored all the card stock which can be time consuming.  I also made some of them with the triple circle dies that I cut.

Maybe you noticed I forgot to blog yesterday!  That happens sometimes 🙂 Finally got my house clean yesterday, spent 5 hours in the shop, made supper for the crew (my sister and her family live near by and we eat together on Wednesday nights!), went to town and changed the oil in the truck and rotated tires (ok so I just sat and read a book while someone else did all that!), purchased flowers to plant and bricks to edge a flower patch, got stain to stain the new door to the laundry room, went to bible study in the evening, and then to DQ with some friends!  So all that leads to a big day today…a door to stain, that paint project from the other day still needs to be done, have to take truck to town to get the camper shell put on, need to put my 5 hours in the shop in, plant flowers and build the flower bed…:) too busy to get in trouble! Hope your week is going good

You Color my World

Friendship, Hello, Just a Note, Thinking of You

color world

My world is looking colorful today!  I got up early (5 am!) and felt refreshed and so happy to putting on my painting clothes!  Not sure what I’m painting today but I’m painting something!  Kevin thinks I should finish painting his gaming console that I started quite awhile ago and then we got busy.   When we have a little time between shows we usually work in the shop from 8 am to noon and then the rest of the day is spent catching up on all the things that don’t get done when we are busy.  So I’m off to get my work done and then my projects!