Ready to Go!

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Everything is rosy here since I am all packed and ready!  With my time this afternoon I will be getting some new make n takes together.  My brother machine helped me get ready!  That machine is amazing!  I needed to punch 120- 2.5″ scallop circles and 240- 1.25″ scallop circles for our project on Friday night in Orlando.  That would take forever!  So I loaded the scallops in my brother machine and in 12 minutes I had 81-1.25″ Scallop circles!  AND during that 12 minutes I was doing something else productive!

Here is what it looked like:

red scallops 1

red scallops 2

they other awesome thing….there is literally no waste!  The cuts are so close together.

2 thoughts on “Ready to Go!

  1. I’m excited to see y’all and to see this machine!  See you Saturday/Sunday!   Kim Eppley Savannah Stampers 



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