Bee Well!

Coffee, Get Well Soon

bee well espresso 1bee well espresso 2 bee well espresso 3 bee well espresso 4

how amazing is this little espresso cup?  Karissa sent these pictures to me last night and I LOVE the cup.  She actually stamped right on the cup.  So I was trying to figure out how she did it and had it look so cool.  She generally uses cling mount due to a lack of space at her place so I was thinking she just wrapped it around but she said that she lays the stamp down and rolls the cup over it!  So Cool!

We were up at 5:30 this am since we have a quite a bit to do.  Can’t talk any of those nephews into mowing lawn this week… my sister said she would but I talked her into cutting stamps for me instead 🙂  She loves me!  Thanks goodness!  Bee Well  Today!

Here we go Again…



We are home was again!  The truck drove into the driveway at 2:02 this am.  I’m up and at it already but Kevin is sleeping since he drove all the way home.  He’s a night owl and I’m a morning person so it works out good.

Everything starts all over again with Novi, MI show this weekend.  For those interested information is at

A Very Happy Birthday to our daughter Karissa today!  We couldn’t ask for a better daughter!

Headed out Again!

Get Well Soon

chy 1chy 2

Another Triple Flag Card!  Love them!  My new Favorite!  I like doing the three different stamps on the flag but I was thinking how nice it would be to have one stamp that does all three words…so we made some new stamps…here they are!

new stamps

We hope to have them out by next weekend.

We are off for Collinsville, IL today…Have a nice day!

One More Show Added!

Birthday, Creatures

For those of you who live in the Colorado area…We have added a show in Colorado to our list!  We will be attending the Scrapbook Expo show in Denver in September!

fish flag 2

fish flag 1

Here is another Triple Flag Banner card from The Paper Cut, Inc.  I’m hoping to get this paper added to our website by this weekend (Hoping to con my new brother-in-law into learning how to do it and then do it :)!)

Look for some new stamps tomorrow that we designed to go into the three flags.  Came out so good!

Loving this fish card.  I did make the mistake of stamping my words to close to the right side so they show on the front.  Live and Learn!  This fish card is another card that has been added to our MNT (make n takes) in the booth.  Have a great hump day!

Summer has Arrived!


I believe summer has finally arrived here is WI!  We finally have gotten some heat and today the forecast is for more heat.  The kids have been keeping the pool busy!  It was quite hot yesterday in the vulcanizing room so I expect it will be warm today too 🙂 not complaining …we’ve been waiting for some warm weather!

snail mail2

Our snails have been very popular and how cute is this for sending cards in the mail.  I still love to get cards snail mail way.  It’s off to work!  Have a good Tuesday!

All Starts Over Again!

Friendship, Hello, Just a Note, smile, Thinking of You

Well, we are back from Minneapolis where we had a  GREAT time and the fun just continues…We leave Thursday for Collinsville, IL so just three days to make stamps.  We are going to be busy little beavers…now if we could get some our nephews to mow grass…that would help 🙂  Here is a great card from Karissa


It’s good to be happy!  We were so happy to spend the weekend with Karissa and the Minneapolis people!  I had better get to work!

Off to Minneapolis!

Frogs & Bugs, Hello, smile

bees 2bees 1

I managed to get another MNT (make n take!) ready for the Bloomington, MN show!  So excited about our new cards…the old ones were getting boring.  Love these Flag Cards from The Paper Cut, Inc.  We hope to get them on our website soon.

I went on a shopping mission to get these blue owls that my sister got as a wedding present…

sonya blue owls

they are the EXACT blue that my planters in the front of the house are…but no success!  But I did manage to find these blue owls…

blue owl

not  quite as cute but still adorable!  He looks like he’s scowling 🙂 The price was right $24.99 with 70% off plus an additional 25% off.  I think times are tough!  Have a great weekend!

Another MNT!

Birthday, Frogs & Bugs, Studio Pictures

vinyl chalkboard

so it was quite a successful shopping trip!  Got this vinyl chalkboard for by my cutting table for $1.79!  All those little yellow sticky notes will be transfer to it.  They have typical measurements on them.

What does a girl do with all those left over 1″ red stripes of paper from another project!??

Design another Project!


snail 2

snail 1

Here’s to another MNT Project!  Hopefully I will have it done for this weekend.  We are leaving at 5:00 am in the morning.  The dog has already been taken to the kennel, the suitcases are all packed, and the showers will be done before we go to bed so we are ready to roll!

Bugger of a Day!




ok so do you ever have one of those days???  Gasp, I should maybe just go back to bed!  My day didn’t start out to bad except that I slept in a little later than I wanted too so I was a bit annoyed with myself.  But I do love this ladybug card that has one of our new stamps that was designed to go with The Paper Cut, Inc Flag Paper! The flags cut beautifully on the brother machine.  Which, by the way, we put Bill Me Later with Paypal on our website so you can make payments on the machine!

Wednesday is usually cleaning day but I’ve adopted a new cleaning habit that I really like.  I found the idea on Pinterest.  Pinterest has changed a lot of things in my life!  I now clean a little bit every day and really the house stays pretty clean all week…so today was clean the wood floors and vacuum/dust the living room and dining room.  I usually clean the hard wood floors with tea bags seeped in water.  I was going to do the floors the other day so I boiled the tea bags in water and then tried to save it for today.  Not a good idea.  My water was moldy so I started that all over again and proceeded with no problems 🙂

I usually cook on Wednesdays for the whole family so I decided to start a little early and made the corn casserole and grape salad and all that went fine. Although with all the delays I didn’t get to the shop until 9:15 am and that is where it started going down hill 🙂

I wanted to make circle cards with my brother machine and after many failed attempts (it can be done…I just need to do it on another day!) this is what I ended up with.


and yes that is a big hole in my mat!  So I’m going shopping!