It’s Friday!

Christmas Cards

blue bulb

Friday is here!  It’s a long weekend too.  I thought we were having company this weekend but it’s next weekend!  Good thing Karissa got me all straightened out.  So the food will all go in the freezer and we will take it out next weekend.  It is probably a good thing since we can continue with our project.  We have about two inches left on one side of the room with the floor project.  We were too tired last night to think and measure the last bit so left if for this morning.  Next we start with the Mudroom which is being changed into a more functional pantry/mudroom combination.  After hundreds of hours on Pinterest and Houzz, I’ve got the design done, the measurements and lumber requirements all figured out so  now we just need to get all the stuff and start building.  It’s that simple! Right! 🙂

Todays card is a quick and easy Christmas Card.  Simple but fun colors.  Enjoy your weekend – it’s looks like ours is going to be a rainy one.  Good thing we have an inside project!

Fri Aug 28

Get Well Soon

rosy 2

It’s Thursday so we are almost to Friday!  Whoopie!  We have company coming this long weekend so we are very excited but we NEED to get the house back in order.  The chaos is about sending me over the edge.  We should finish the floor today and get everything back in the living room and that leaves Friday to get the house clean and the grass mowed.

The card today comes from this sketch I found on Pinterest…

sketchI love sketches because they are such a great starting point.  I saw the three little flags and thought of our triple banner flag stamp.  I had a little trouble because the pink with red polka dots paper had trouble in the ScannCut.  Sometimes if the patterned paper is too patterned the scan doesn’t really know what to look for.  So I tricked it a little.  Here is what I did.

I stamped the F235 on Acetate with Staz-On ink.  I then scanned the acetate into the machine.

scan 3

Next I stamped the F235 Triple Banner Stamp unto the patterned paper and slid it in under the acetate and matched the lines up.

scan 2

I then made sure the paper was sticking and took the acetate off and cut the paper just like I wanted.  Where there’s a will there is a way!  Except for that felt I’ve been working on.  I was asked to see if the machine would cut felt and the box says that it does but I’ve been having trouble with it.  I will keep working on it!

scan 1


so it cuts beautifully!  Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday Aug 27

Friendship, Hello, Just a Note, Thinking of You


I hope you had a one-of-a-kind day!  Mine flew way too fast.

Todays card comes from Kathy in SC!  Love it! I love the lily of the valley stamp in any way, shape, or form.  I never thought to use the one of a kind stamp on the outside of a card but it’s great. I also love getting cards in the mail.  There is something so special about it.  Just the effort and the thought make it special.  It is such a great way to send a “pick me up” to someone.  I think that is one of the great side benefits to this rubber stamping hobby.

Well it’s off to bed so I can get up early.  The floor is coming along nicely, the stamps are getting made but my house is a MESS!  Need to do something about that…I can only take chaos so long 🙂

Cutting Back



Good Tuesday to You!  This morning I have a card from Michelle (a friend of mine who actually designs cards for several different companies!)…how cute is this?  E201 KB’s Birthday cake is one of our most popular birthday cakes and you can see why!  I love how Michelle took the heart stamp and cut it out inside and put on the ribbon.

Today is the day the wood floor starts going down!  So excited!  We need to work a few hours in the shop this morning and then this afternoon we hope to start laying wood.  I know that open floor plans are the rage but I like my rooms all distinct and separate so we actually put a special wood separating the living room from the dining room since we took the french doors and the wall out.  I will be painting that today and then painting the  crown molding so lots to do!  Have a great Tuesday.

Onward Rejoicing!



Well, it’s another week and onward we go!  After a nice relaxing Sunday the gears all ready to turn and get going!  We are working in the shop this morning and then heading back into the house for the Living Room Remodel.  It’s a good thing we have an inside project planned since it has done nothing but rain for the last week here in Green Bay.  My list got completed last week except for the projects that needed to be done outside.  I had a couple of painting projects that had to wait and it looks like they will continue to have to wait.  We have thunderstorms predicted for all week again.

Here is a simple card using the triple banner flag stamp.  I also love the stitch circle stamp.  It probably ranks up there as one of my favorite!  Hope your week is starting out good.  Beth

More Painting!



Just a quick cute smile card this morning!  How fun would it be to get this card in the mail?!  It would certainly make me smile 🙂

We have had a big week and it continues today.  More painting and then the carpet will be ripped out.  Will be so glad to get rid of that carpet.  Ordered a new rug this morning so hopefully within another week we will be all put back together.  We plan to freeze more corn this afternoon too.

We froze corn yesterday after a half day in the shop and an afternoon of painting.  I went and picked up my niece and, boy, was she a big help!

corn 1

I love this recipe for freezing corn.  We begin by washing all the corn!

corn 2

then while the corn is still cold, we cut it off the cob.  Hallie (my niece) was telling me about these cool corn cob cutters and so we went to town and got two of them and they work really good!  Fast!  You can see some taupe paint on Kevin’s thumb!  a sneak peak of our room colors!

corn 3

Then we put:  8 cups of corn, 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup butter (one stick), 1 tsp. salt, and 1 T. of sugar.  Oh yes!  sugar makes everything better! 🙂  After it begins to boil.  Time it for 5 minutes.

corn 4

Let it cool and then bag it!  We did 4 dozen ears of corn in two hours from start to complete clean up.  It is a sticky and messy job! We now have 24 cups of frozen corn in the freezer and we ate 4 cups with supper!

I think we might be taking it a little easy this weekend.  Going to see our son on Saturday and then spending a nice quiet Sunday so that we can begin on the floors on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

More Work

Thank You Cards


It is a so-so day here in WI today.  We have clouds and over cast (which we have suffered with all week!) and rain predicted for this afternoon.  I have a couple of adirondack rocking chairs from Karissa that I want to paint and the weather has not been co-operating.  My sister and I plan to freeze some corn this evening so looking forward to that.  I love having fresh tasting corn all winter!

My card today is once again following the same sketch.  I like to find a sketch I like and use it several times.

We continue to make progress on our re-model.  Kevin has all the holes patched and the ceiling painted so today we start on the walls.  It’s looking so fresh!  Hope your week is going well!

Triple Banner


triple banner

Good Morning!  This morning I have used the triple banner flag stamp without using a triple flag card!  I can see other possibilities too. You may notice that the sketch of this card is the same as Monday.

Construction has begun and the house is a mess!  We made good progress yesterday.  The wall is completely down between the living room and dining room.  Kevin had to move some electric outlets out of the wall which made it more time consuming.  I got all the shows balanced and the paper work done.  I even painted my piano yesterday!  It came out awesome.  Today I need to wax it and Kevin has some holes to fix in the walls from the electric project. Then the carpet will all get ripped out and the ceiling painted today.  So lots to do to keep us out of trouble!

More Wonder

Christmas Cards


Good day to you all!  Here is WI it has been raining and likely will rain all week!  That’s ok with all the projects we have going.  Here is a Christmas card using the Triple Flag paper and our new warmth and wonder of the season stamp.


here are a few of my treasures from the weekend.  Some really cool house letters, a wooden ruler (that I have no idea what I’m going to do with but it’s cool!) and some glass knobs.


this little treasure I’m going to paint and use for a sewing cabinet.  I think 🙂

Well I’m off to work so that I can do a little painting this afternoon….thinking of painting my piano since it is really ugly!

Acetate Trick~

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Good Morning!  We are back from our mini vacation (not sure it was a VACATION!) but we had a ton of fun.  First thing this morning…I would like to share the acetate trick since I’ve gotten a ton of emails on it and this way I can answer them all at once!

This Christmas bulb, because of the two dots that are on the edge, the scan and cut goes into the holes which we really don’t want so I stamp it on paper and put it on the mat.

acetate 1

next I place acetate over the top and draw where I want the machine to cut:

acetate 2

you may want to draw just a little bit better than I did!  I was in a hurry 🙂  I then scan the paper with the acetate on it and wait for the machine to recognize the borders.  Before I hit the cut button; I take off the acetate!  Pretty simple.  I do save the piece of acetate for future use.  You could save your image on an usb drive but then you would have to line it up and this way is much simpler to just use the same acetate over and over again.

acetate 3

hopefully that all makes sense!

We had an awesome time at the Nowthen Threshing show in Nowthen,  MN with my Dad this weekend!  Here is what we did:

flee market

My Dad buys and sells antique tools…well really all kinds of tools and things.  Gives him something to do.  I actually purchased (the price was right~FREE!) quite a collection from him.  I told Kevin we needed to bring the little car so we didn’t bring home too much!  We ended up bringing the suburban and it was a good thing.  Kevin got a quite a few treasures too.

Better get to work….several orders need to go out today and we have that whole pile of flooring in the garage. 🙂