More Painting!



Just a quick cute smile card this morning!  How fun would it be to get this card in the mail?!  It would certainly make me smile 🙂

We have had a big week and it continues today.  More painting and then the carpet will be ripped out.  Will be so glad to get rid of that carpet.  Ordered a new rug this morning so hopefully within another week we will be all put back together.  We plan to freeze more corn this afternoon too.

We froze corn yesterday after a half day in the shop and an afternoon of painting.  I went and picked up my niece and, boy, was she a big help!

corn 1

I love this recipe for freezing corn.  We begin by washing all the corn!

corn 2

then while the corn is still cold, we cut it off the cob.  Hallie (my niece) was telling me about these cool corn cob cutters and so we went to town and got two of them and they work really good!  Fast!  You can see some taupe paint on Kevin’s thumb!  a sneak peak of our room colors!

corn 3

Then we put:  8 cups of corn, 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup butter (one stick), 1 tsp. salt, and 1 T. of sugar.  Oh yes!  sugar makes everything better! 🙂  After it begins to boil.  Time it for 5 minutes.

corn 4

Let it cool and then bag it!  We did 4 dozen ears of corn in two hours from start to complete clean up.  It is a sticky and messy job! We now have 24 cups of frozen corn in the freezer and we ate 4 cups with supper!

I think we might be taking it a little easy this weekend.  Going to see our son on Saturday and then spending a nice quiet Sunday so that we can begin on the floors on Monday.  Have a great weekend!