Another Day!



lion 2

Another busy day here in Green Bay,  WI!  We’ve been working on the website trying to get the new stamps and triple flag banner paper added.  And No Kathy, we did not have them in West Bend.  They didn’t arrive until the next weekend in Minneapolis.  I will get to all of your answers as soon as I can.

We have Bible Study at our house tonight.  The whole house had not been really cleaned since we started the five week show schedule so cleaning the house was a top priority today.  I started at 6:30 am!  We then worked on the website this afternoon and did some much need paper work.  If I let that get too far behind I have a real mess.

We are actually taking the next few days off and going to my parent’s home in Minnesota.  Dad does a “thrashing show” every year selling antique tools and this is going to be his last year.  We have never gone to the show but have heard lots about it over the years and so Kevin wanted to go over and see and help Dad.  We will leave at 6 am in the morning so we can be over there by noon.  My sister is moving to an apartment and we will be helping her with that too.  We will also sneak in some Karissa time too 🙂  My Mom had her bathroom re-done a year or so ago and it all looks fabulous except nobody has painted the heat register so I plan to do that while there too!  And hopefully we will see my brother and his family also.  Does that sound like a few days off!??!!

This is what we are going to be doing when we return on Monday!  No rest for the wicked…maybe I should try being less wicked?? 🙂

woodThat is 1300 sq ft of wood flooring to be put in the living room, dining room and master bedroom!  So Exciting!