Tuesday Morning!

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fox & snail 1

Hope your day is a good one.  My sister came over to help me make stamps on her day off.  Thank Goodness!  We have a lot to do and we leave tomorrow at noon.

For all you ladies with the Brother ScannCut…I have figured out how to virtually cut out ALL (that’s right 100%) of your stamps with this awesome machine.  I used to say you had to have a continues line and not a solid stamp but I have figured a way to fool the machine.  Someone mentioned to me about the Scan mat that is available from Brother for scanning fabric and how it worked so I wondered if we could apply the same concept to our stamps.  This is what I do:  (when I have time I will try to do pictures! just a little busy right now :)) I stamp the image on paper.  Lay it on the standard mat.  Take a piece of acetate that is a little bigger and place over the stamped paper.  Draw a line where I want the machine to cut on the acetate with a sharpie.  Scan the image.  When it is done scanning, I take off the acetate and then have it just cut the paper!  Works Awesome!

Have a great day!