Happy holidays – Sept 18, 2020

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The card above, we only used one stamp because the background paper was really busy and didn’t want to overwhelm the card.

Stamps: D321 Happy Holidays

This card, we used two stamps. C309 Happy Holidays Long and the ornament. But there are two sizes for this ornament. Small is B215 and we are working to get the larger size back on the website! It is an older stamp and didn’t make the transfer. 🤪

Cincinnati OH

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valentine foxes

A switch from the big fox to the little fox today!

We made it to Batesville,  IN last night around 10 pm.  We are up and ready for set up today in Cincinnati, OH and for my class at 2:30 pm.  We have about an hour drive this morning into Cincinnati.

Here are some pictures of my niece who loves horses!  She was at a horse show of some kind this weekend and took home several ribbons.  Way to Go Hallie!

Hallie 2

Hallie 1

Tuesday Morning!

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fox & snail 1

Hope your day is a good one.  My sister came over to help me make stamps on her day off.  Thank Goodness!  We have a lot to do and we leave tomorrow at noon.

For all you ladies with the Brother ScannCut…I have figured out how to virtually cut out ALL (that’s right 100%) of your stamps with this awesome machine.  I used to say you had to have a continues line and not a solid stamp but I have figured a way to fool the machine.  Someone mentioned to me about the Scan mat that is available from Brother for scanning fabric and how it worked so I wondered if we could apply the same concept to our stamps.  This is what I do:  (when I have time I will try to do pictures! just a little busy right now :)) I stamp the image on paper.  Lay it on the standard mat.  Take a piece of acetate that is a little bigger and place over the stamped paper.  Draw a line where I want the machine to cut on the acetate with a sharpie.  Scan the image.  When it is done scanning, I take off the acetate and then have it just cut the paper!  Works Awesome!

Have a great day!

Mini Cards

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ImageThis post was supposed to be for Friday but a crazy storm blew through and knocked our power out. There are trees down on almost every block. Hoping everyone is safe! 

Stamps used: EE36 KB’s Fox, D262 Mustache Valentine, DD46 KB’s New Tweet, F210 Fancy Rectangle, B263 KB’s Mustache Small, HH31 Chevron Border

The words on top left and bottom left cards are rub ons, not sure where they are from. They were found in a stack of paper. 

On the inside of the right top and middle cards is the D262 (pictured below).


Have a wonderful weekend!