Acetate Trick~

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Good Morning!  We are back from our mini vacation (not sure it was a VACATION!) but we had a ton of fun.  First thing this morning…I would like to share the acetate trick since I’ve gotten a ton of emails on it and this way I can answer them all at once!

This Christmas bulb, because of the two dots that are on the edge, the scan and cut goes into the holes which we really don’t want so I stamp it on paper and put it on the mat.

acetate 1

next I place acetate over the top and draw where I want the machine to cut:

acetate 2

you may want to draw just a little bit better than I did!  I was in a hurry 🙂  I then scan the paper with the acetate on it and wait for the machine to recognize the borders.  Before I hit the cut button; I take off the acetate!  Pretty simple.  I do save the piece of acetate for future use.  You could save your image on an usb drive but then you would have to line it up and this way is much simpler to just use the same acetate over and over again.

acetate 3

hopefully that all makes sense!

We had an awesome time at the Nowthen Threshing show in Nowthen,  MN with my Dad this weekend!  Here is what we did:

flee market

My Dad buys and sells antique tools…well really all kinds of tools and things.  Gives him something to do.  I actually purchased (the price was right~FREE!) quite a collection from him.  I told Kevin we needed to bring the little car so we didn’t bring home too much!  We ended up bringing the suburban and it was a good thing.  Kevin got a quite a few treasures too.

Better get to work….several orders need to go out today and we have that whole pile of flooring in the garage. 🙂