Cutting Back



Good Tuesday to You!  This morning I have a card from Michelle (a friend of mine who actually designs cards for several different companies!)…how cute is this?  E201 KB’s Birthday cake is one of our most popular birthday cakes and you can see why!  I love how Michelle took the heart stamp and cut it out inside and put on the ribbon.

Today is the day the wood floor starts going down!  So excited!  We need to work a few hours in the shop this morning and then this afternoon we hope to start laying wood.  I know that open floor plans are the rage but I like my rooms all distinct and separate so we actually put a special wood separating the living room from the dining room since we took the french doors and the wall out.  I will be painting that today and then painting the  crown molding so lots to do!  Have a great Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Back

  1. Beautiful card Michelle! Thanks for sharing it.
    Good luck on laying the floor this afternoon, Beth.
    I’m sure it will turn out great.


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