Happy Valentine’s Day!

Snowman, Valentine's Day

heart melt2well my goodness, we continue to get SNOW!  We get a couple of inches then Kevin plows and we get a couple more, so he plows, and then we get MORE!  It really is pretty!  The ground is beautiful.

this card is a little smaller than the usual so that I could put the heart on top and still fit it into a A2 size Envelope.  I also like to use the snow pile for my snowman so that they look like they are sitting on something!

Stamps Used:  HH26 Heart Border; C240 Make my Heart Melt; F140 Snowpile; AA27 Snowflakes; B245 KB’s Top Hat Small;

Have a great Weekend!  Treat your Valentine!


4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Cute card, Beth! Great for a snowman-lover – like me! I have that little guy! Like the heart on top. Thanks for the tip with the snowdrift.


  2. I am so disappointed to see that you may not be coming to Cambridge, MD in March. May you still be considering it?

    Ruby Dashiell–I love the daily cards.


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