Adventures Along the Way!



Good Morning!  You may wonder why I’m thinking about snow but we have had quite the adventure this weekend!  Our trip down to Orlando was complicated by no internet along the way.  We had been using our Verizon data on our phones when we started getting email stating we were over our limit 😦  When we got to Orlando the International Palms where the convention was held nothing improved.  They had horribly slow internet that was pretty useless 🙂  That was just the start of our complicated weekend…

We had an awesome time with our customers on Saturday and Sunday.  At the end of the show a huge rain/wind/lightening storm popped up and we had to delay loading the trailer for about an hour which made us late getting out of Orlando.  I said I would rather load in a snowstorm than the rain and puddles!  Earlier in the year we loaded in a blizzard in Indianapolis, IN and it was easier than this load!   I dumped over a bunch of product into a huge puddle 😦

We stopped for gas and food on the turnpike but because of the storm the food place had to close and the pumps weren’t working so we had to go further…Got to our hotel late around 11:30 pm.   We got up at 4:50 am and started on the road very early.  We really wanted to get all the way home but facing an 18 hour commute home we realized it might not be possible and it wasn’t.  Had a delay in TN from an auto accident investigation that had traffic backed up for about an hour.

We finally made it to Merriville, IN (after about 15 hours in the truck!)  but as we were heading North on 65 we realized that the sky was looking really black and ugly.  We only had 10 miles to our hotel so we decided to keep moving…about 4 miles from the hotel the sky opened up and the rain and wind were incredible!  Finally made it to hotel, got some food, and fell asleep exhausted only to have Kevin wake me up at 10:45 and told me to get dressed because there was a tornado warning so we spent 25 minutes waiting for the storm to pass.  We also realized that there was no point in getting up early and getting on the road because all the roads had gotten flooded!  So a nice relaxing breakfast this morning and decent internet so all is well again.  Hopefully we will get back on the road soon.  Glad there was no real damage from the storm but really ready to be HOME!

Enjoy the snow card!  I really prefer snow to rain, rain, rain and more rain!  At least the snow is pretty.  I guess that makes me a true midwest girl.  Have a snow fun day!

8 thoughts on “Adventures Along the Way!

  1. Glad you were in Orlando! I haven’t stamped in awhile. You brought plenty of inspiration! Thank you!

    You showed me the machine you had on Sunday. Would it cut felted wool??? I do a lot of appliqué with wool.


      1. I will pop it in the mail tomorrow. Sorry about the auto correct there.

        Sent from my iPad



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