Monday March 31st

Thinking of You

Well it’s the last day of March!! Where does time go?  I have about had it with the remodel project 🙂  I can take disorder only so long and then I need order!  We are just starting to tile today. All the other days have been just getting the floor ready.  I was glad for a day of rest yesterday.  Last night at 6 pm I thought about doing some knitting but decided I was too tired so I closed my eyes and promptly feel asleep.  Woke up at midnight to put pj’s on and went back to sleep till 6 am! I guess I was tired.


Love how the border stamp separates this top layer of the card.  But then again I love border stamps!  We have been using this border stamp in Design & Treasure at the Heirloom shows for those of you who have attended that event.  We used it on the coffee cup liner.  Here is another way to use that stamp.  It looks like this:


It is a nice back to back stamp.  Stamps Used in this Card:  B28 Rose small,   G17 Rose large (these stamps go way back to the beginning of our company!) F60 Thinking of You Vertical, and HH28 Lines & Dots Border

Well better get my orders done so I can do some tiling!  UGH! 🙂  The sad part is that this is the first room of many rooms that need re-modeling.  I love the planning part and the designing part but the actual work…not so much.  I guess we could pay to have it done but that just seems too expensive and I know that Kevin will do it right because he is a perfectionist.  He measures once, than twice, than again, and again by this time you can imagine me…almost over the edge 🙂


Friday March 28


die cuts w card

so for those of who have been wondering if I ever cut my tripe circle die and the answer is YES!  It is so much more useful this way.  You can do it without cutting the die but to much fussiness for me!!  I like quick and easy.  I don’t have time to monkey around 🙂  Love cutting printed paper card!

yellow card

oh so easy!!  Need to light a fire under me today so that I can get my re-model on the laundry room done!  Using muscles that don’t get used so often so a little creaky today.  Have a great weekend and hopefully my project will be almost done.

Thurs March 27th



Yes! this was my commute to work this morning!  UGH!

Slight delay to the morning…


my nephew spend the night last night and he told me the best thing about spending the night was someone cooking breakfast for him!  What?  Breakfast?  Too much to do to make breakfast!?   Ahh but they are only little once!  And he is not so little since he is much taller than me!  So it was Breakfast for the Boys!

Finally to work 🙂


I feel a Make N Take coming with this Sketch!  Loving it.  Need to get in the shop and make stamps 🙂 So I’m off and running….

Wed March 26


brithday birds

So I spend a lot of time on Pintrest!   Oh yes.  Love Pintrest!  Found this latest sketch on it.  I should have had both birds facing the same way…:( next time :).  I also want to try this sketch in the other direction.  Tomorrow!  I dug out an old stamp that I used to use in my scrapbooks but thought it looked cool on this card.  It is JJ14 and it fits the extra giga Marvy Uchida Scallop Circle punch.  It really could go with any punch that is around 3.5″ since nothing is matching a scallop.  The stamps that have the dots in the scallop are very specific to a punch type and manufacture but if nothing in the scallops than most dies/punches that are close will work.


other stamps used:  A200 Happy Birthday; DD20 Circle Stitches; CC61 KB’s Birthday Birds; DD59 Sending Fun Cube.

Kevin and I have been working in the shop till around 1 pm and then going up to the house to do some remodeling!  We are currently working on the Laundry Room.  We have everything (except the carpet) tore out and the cabinets repainted.  Today we are going to paint the ceiling, walls, and tear out the carpet!  It’s so exciting!  I’m usually in charge of supper for my sister and her family on Wednesday.  It is a standing traditional that we love!  Everything from the Laundry Room is currently in the Dining Room so I’m not sure where we are going to eat but love having them come for supper so don’t want to cancel.

Got another file cabinet painted!

pink filebought  some blue paint, some orange paint, some purple paint!  These only take a couple hours to paint so they got interrupted by the laundry remodel!  Love the pink and yes it is the same pink as our front door (which is being re-painted…looks much better on a file cabinet than the front door!)

Have a great “Hump” day 🙂

Tues March 25

Get Well Soon, Just a Note

Triple Circle Rose

Found this sketch on Pintrest and fell in love with it!

So here is more painting that I have been doing!  We have been working from 8-12 and then working on projects around the house.  Since we travel so much it seems like the house gets neglected so we are trying to catch up on things.  These pictures of the file cabinets are from where we make stamps…I thought it would be fun to just paint the file cabinets to make it a more cheerful place to work 🙂

file cabinet 1

file cabinet 2

Mon March 24

Friendship, Hello, Just a Note, Our World


Happy Monday Morning!  Here is a cute card with the new double rose!  It colors so cute and fast.

Stamps Used:  C263 hope everything rosy!; DD47 Double Circle Rose; HH28 Lines & Dots Combo Border

We had a busy weekend getting some things done.  Paint just makes things look better so…I painted some things 🙂  We have some ugly stairs going up to the studio so we painted them on Friday!  They look so much better!  We can’t finish the wall until the air conditioner/heater gets put in.

stairs 1stairs 2

We did a bunch more painting projects…:)

Fan Flowers with Sympathy

With Sympathy

Happy Friday Saturday! Sorry for the delay. I’m not sure what is happening with my uploads but I kept getting an error message. I think I have it working now. Here are two with sympathy cards. One is portrait layout and the other landscape. I colored the flowers with Copic markers. Stamps used: A190, EE40, EE39 and G335EE40 EE39

Pink Fan Flowers

Pink Fan Flowers - Back

Purple Fan Flowers


Have a wonderful weekend!

Thurs March 20


belated birthdayThis little tiny lily of the valley was a big seller in both Rockford and Allentown…here I made it into a little border…so simple.  We have had multiple requests for belated birthday stamps so here is a new one:  along with an inside saying.  Those who know me, know that the inside font needs to match the outside font 🙂

belated great oneI’m still behind 😦 but getting caught up.  I hope to get to all the emails, odd orders, and requests today!  Then we are going to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday OFF!  After working 25 days in a row we are in need of a little down time.  Karissa will blog Friday – she has some great cards with the fan flower.  See you on Monday!

On a side note…I sent all the special orders out from Allentown using  It is an online postage service.  If anyone gets a postage due on their end…please let me know.  My email address is



Wed March 19th


easter blessingsKarissa’s little bunny with the carrots and radish has been selling like crazy!  It is really cute.  It was the top seller in Allentown so I thought I’d give more card ideas for it.  I really love the new skinny chevron border that can be stamped with the larger chevron border, no cleaning in between the stamping 🙂

Stamps Used:  JJ17 Skinny Chevron Border, HH31 Chevron Border, EE44 KB’s Bunny w/ radish, A190 Single Heart, C129 Easter Blessing to you and yours, DD63 Dots & Line Circle, DD36 Easter Fun Cube.

Punches Used:  1.25″ Circle, 1.5″ Scallop Circle, 1.75″ Circle, Purple Marvy Uchida 3.0″ Scallop Sq, 2.5″ Sq Pink Marvy Uchida Punch, Cut the green square 2.5″x2.5″, Pink Scallop border is actually from the Sizzix Triple Circle Die Set!  It will be back in stock in a couple of days for those waiting for it.

The Easter Fun Cube is the biggest of all the fun cubes.  All the rest fit in 1″ circles where as the Easter Fun Cube needs a 1.25″ Circle.



easter blessing insideKB’s EE44 Bunny is a mirror reverse stamp – for those who don’t know what that is…the carrots/radish are on one side on the bunny and an exact mirror on the other side of the stamp that puts the carrots/radish on the other side.

EE44well I’d better get to work.  More orders to get out 🙂




Tues March 18th

Friendship, Valentine's Day

lightbulbGood Morning!  Allentown did light up my heart this weekend!  Thank you to all our customers there!  Kevin and I were sound asleep by 10 pm last night and now we are  refreshed and ready for the day!

There is a boat load of work for us today…an internet order to get fixed, wholesale orders to send out, and all the special orders from Allentown – just to begin with.  Next I’ll get to all the emails and requests.  So thankful for work 🙂 it means we don’t go hungry !  Hope you have a great day!


Monday March 17th


st-patsHappy St. Patrick’s Day!  and Happy Birthday to my nephew Blake!

We had an awesome time in Allentown, PA.  Those ladies there are always good to us!  We finally got home around 6:30 pm after 12.5 hours travel today and 5 hours yesterday.  Not too bad 🙂  We had thought to do nothing tomorrow but issues and orders await us!  It’s good to be home!

We will have a nice relaxing evening and then be relaxed and ready to go in the morning.  Hope you’ve enjoyed your day today and have either eaten or drunk something GREEN!