Monday March 31st

Thinking of You

Well it’s the last day of March!! Where does time go?  I have about had it with the remodel project 🙂  I can take disorder only so long and then I need order!  We are just starting to tile today. All the other days have been just getting the floor ready.  I was glad for a day of rest yesterday.  Last night at 6 pm I thought about doing some knitting but decided I was too tired so I closed my eyes and promptly feel asleep.  Woke up at midnight to put pj’s on and went back to sleep till 6 am! I guess I was tired.


Love how the border stamp separates this top layer of the card.  But then again I love border stamps!  We have been using this border stamp in Design & Treasure at the Heirloom shows for those of you who have attended that event.  We used it on the coffee cup liner.  Here is another way to use that stamp.  It looks like this:


It is a nice back to back stamp.  Stamps Used in this Card:  B28 Rose small,   G17 Rose large (these stamps go way back to the beginning of our company!) F60 Thinking of You Vertical, and HH28 Lines & Dots Border

Well better get my orders done so I can do some tiling!  UGH! 🙂  The sad part is that this is the first room of many rooms that need re-modeling.  I love the planning part and the designing part but the actual work…not so much.  I guess we could pay to have it done but that just seems too expensive and I know that Kevin will do it right because he is a perfectionist.  He measures once, than twice, than again, and again by this time you can imagine me…almost over the edge 🙂