Thurs March 20

belated birthdayThis little tiny lily of the valley was a big seller in both Rockford and Allentown…here I made it into a little border…so simple.  We have had multiple requests for belated birthday stamps so here is a new one:  along with an inside saying.  Those who know me, know that the inside font needs to match the outside font 🙂

belated great oneI’m still behind 😦 but getting caught up.  I hope to get to all the emails, odd orders, and requests today!  Then we are going to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday OFF!  After working 25 days in a row we are in need of a little down time.  Karissa will blog Friday – she has some great cards with the fan flower.  See you on Monday!

On a side note…I sent all the special orders out from Allentown using  It is an online postage service.  If anyone gets a postage due on their end…please let me know.  My email address is



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2 Responses to “Thurs March 20”

  1. Kathie Says:

    Love those tiny lilies of the valley!

  2. Sharon D'Amico Says:

    Just got this stamp in Allentown, glad to see another way to use it! Keep those samples coming 😀

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