Wed Feb 12

Snowman, Winter

cold outsidewe continue to have cold weather but we are up to 14 so that is 30 degrees warmer!  Makes a big difference!  I can actually run to the shop without a coat when it is 14 not so much when it is -15!

Feel for all my friends in Atlanta who are getting the snow/sleet stuff again!  But it makes for a great stamping day since school/work closed???!! Right!

I was busy designing new stamps last night.  Well actually, I was looking at all the things Karissa has sent me and wanted to get some of the images into rubber!  Can’t wait for them.  My house is a wreck though I’m going to need to take a day to clean it.  Hate that. And maybe clean some clothes along the way 🙂

My sister and family are coming for supper tonight so I’d better get to cooking!  I have a recipe for The Cheesecake Factory’s chicken costalotta and it is sooooo good!  Tastes just like at the restaurant ! I’m either a really good cook or it just tastes so good to be home and making home cooked meals.  It’s probably just good to be eating home cooked food 🙂

It’s Hump day!  We are half way through the week! Have a good one.