Summer has Arrived!


I believe summer has finally arrived here is WI!  We finally have gotten some heat and today the forecast is for more heat.  The kids have been keeping the pool busy!  It was quite hot yesterday in the vulcanizing room so I expect it will be warm today too 🙂 not complaining …we’ve been waiting for some warm weather!

snail mail2

Our snails have been very popular and how cute is this for sending cards in the mail.  I still love to get cards snail mail way.  It’s off to work!  Have a good Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Summer has Arrived!

  1. Some time ago I saw the snail stamp and thought it was adorable. I went through your blog to find samples and couldn’t find any. Then, yippee!!, I have since seen several and love them all. It was as if you heard me in Wisconsin all the way from NJ. As for the warm weather, you would keel over if you were here. But then, your winters are longer. My son lives in AZ and he laughs when I complain about the heat. You would know about that!


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