Another MNT!

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vinyl chalkboard

so it was quite a successful shopping trip!  Got this vinyl chalkboard for by my cutting table for $1.79!  All those little yellow sticky notes will be transfer to it.  They have typical measurements on them.

What does a girl do with all those left over 1″ red stripes of paper from another project!??

Design another Project!


snail 2

snail 1

Here’s to another MNT Project!  Hopefully I will have it done for this weekend.  We are leaving at 5:00 am in the morning.  The dog has already been taken to the kennel, the suitcases are all packed, and the showers will be done before we go to bed so we are ready to roll!

Love Siri

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So while Karissa was driving over on Wednesday I wanted to check to see where she was so I sent her text.  Because she was driving she used Siri to text her message and it was kind of amusing so I thought I would share it.

in the roughBought this gem on the last thrift store expedition for $1.50.  It was in a little rough condition but the mechanism worked good so generally worth it.  It’s a bigger one to so bigger dies and folders will fit in it.

painted and readyHere she is!  All painted and ready to be filled!



Die Cut Storage

Studio Pictures

die cut storageSo our son Travis was a huge Pokemon fan when he was little and he had a huge pile of them all organized in this binder!  Well he no longer cares about Pokemon and so his cards went to Goodwill (I bring as much to Goodwill as I buy! :)) but I kept the binder and use it for my little dies!  It works well!

Kevin used this binder in 4th grade!  ok so I know that I am a pack rat but I think his mother saved it and gave it to us; so repurpose it is the only way to go!

kevin binder

Karissa came home this weekend so we are going to be very busy I’m sure.  Although she said she plans to spend the entire weekend in her swimming suit…she misses the pool at home probably more than  us!  Both of our children were Lifeguards in another time of their lives so they love the water.

I got my slab painted (sorry Ronda…nothing fancy just plain brown :()  but it looks so much better than peeling paint!

back slab painted

Awesome Storage Tool

Studio Pictures

black turntableI found this turntable at Harbor Freight Tools for $19.99.  Love that it is black.  I have it right where I stamp with all kinds of things on it.  It did take Kevin the better part of a morning to put it together.  You know things from Harbor Freight come in all kinds of pieces!  It was way worth it!


Current Status

Studio Pictures

current statusSo this is the current condition of my studio!  Gasp!  I cannot seem to keep it clean when I’m stamping.  I wish I had a little magic wand I could just wave at the end of stamping and it would all get cleaned up!  Wishful thinking!  The ideas just sometimes come too fast and I need to move on.


Ikea Drawers

Studio Pictures

white drawer

white drawer2So this is what is inside those white Ikea drawers on my work space!  I have clear blocks and adhesive right at my finger tips.  I have my embossing powders currently in here too but they soon will be up on magnets!  I have the pictures frames all painted, I just need to take the time to get them up and put magnets on the powders.  Not sure when that will happen with the Bloomington show this weekend.

back doorWhile we were moving Karissa…I came upon this Wagner’s sign so I stole it from her. Doesn’t it look awesome on my back door!  I think my frame needs repainting white though.  All those dirty fingers hitting the garage door buttons.



Studio Attic Doors

Studio Pictures

attic1So this has been our project for the past few days…This is the opening into the studio’s attic.  It has been letting all the hot air in and since it’s already hot more hot air is not needed.  Kevin wanted something so he could get in and out of the area.  There is a hole like this on each side of the studio wall.  So he decided to build a door.  It was quite a project!  There was sawdust and a mess everywhere (still is! he’s not quite done!) He started with a door but the opening is only 18×22″ so it didn’t fit so some modifications were needed!  We painted the outside of the doors white.  And since I love to paint doors…we did the wrong side on one and had to re-paint!  Love when that happens :).  Anyway it’s looking really nice. Can’t wait for it to be done and the mess gone.  We had some gold knobs left over from some other project and I got my handy spray paint can out and now they are an awesome silver!

attic2Almost finished. He has a little more mudding to do and then the trim work.  Then the white wall will be painted and the stairs.  It’s getting there little by little.

This is what my counter looks like currently!  I really wanted to keep it neat but it’s really hard when things get rolling.

workspacePlus it upwards of 90 degrees right now so when it starts getting warm…I just abandon everything!

We have new stamps coming!  I’m really excited.  We designed them to work on these 3 circle z fold cards you see on my counter.  Lots of new fun cubes so that the words fit!  Check out the home page of our website for the latest images.  We are hoping to have them in Minnesota this weekend!  Have a good Tuesday!




Copic Markers

Studio Pictures

copicsI have a problem with wine racks!  I buy them all the time at Thrift stores.  They come in really handy.  These wine racks (along with some bins from Joanne Fabrics) hold my Copic markers.  They are right at my finger tips and I can just throw them back in when I’m done with them and just grab when I need one.  As you can see I color group them.  I do have more in a cupboard but these are the ones I use the most!

So on Friday I had great time shopping at Thrift Stores…found a small wine rack…for $1.00 going to bring it to Karissa to see if she wants it on her desk…it’s pretty cool!

wine rackI picked up some clear vases from the dollar store that I usually just use a glue gun to glue in place!  If she doesn’t want it..well you can never have enough storage!



Things Close at Hand

Studio Pictures

jig standSo I have this handy file box that is black with white polka dots!  It fits perfectly in the studio and I love polka dots…it actually came in a organizer for bath products!  Re- purpose , Re-use, that’s my motto!  It has nice little compartments to hold things up.  In this case I have everything I use often.  My Stamp a ma Jig with all the plastic pieces, a scissors, white cardstock, 3-d-dots, a perfectly random template…just those things I use regularly.

Today in my world… it consists of LAUNDRY!  yikes, I’m a little behind due to the weather being so raining last week and then going to MN to move Karissa. I have a couple loads already on the line so we are getting there.

Finished all the stamps yesterday so moving on to Make N Takes…

mntI think the one things I love most about the studio is the fact that the mess is not in my kitchen.  I used to stuff MNT’s on the kitchen counter and since it is usually a 2-3 all day affair it was very inconvenient !  So I have lots of counter space out here and can come and go and leave the mess!

clockI did buy this fabulous clock at Hobby Lobby that I really want Kevin to get up today!  I purchased it for the kitchen but it didn’t work in there because I couldn’t see it at any angle.  I think the kitchen too small.  It was too awesome to take back so I just held on to it thinking that with all the remodeling we were doing I would find a spot for it.  Glad I kept it!  Off to keep the laundry moving…paying a few bills…and get those Make n Take stuffed!  Have a great weekend!




Studio/Our World

Studio Pictures

adhesive storageOn to studio pics!  I got a little side tracked yesterday with the little gray case but we are back to the black drawers.  The top two were ribbon storage and now this is the third drawer that has my adhesive in it and a dyno labeler.  I got these plastic trays that you see in the drawer from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  They work nice and they are inexpensive.  I think I’m beginning to sound cheap but I’m really not.  There are times when it pays to buy expensive because you do get what you pay for.  But some things like storage, expensive or not expensive, they are going to work the same.

now a glimpse into our world…

fridgeI have this really old refrigerator .  I think maybe going on 25+ years and it continues to perform so why get rid of it?!  A few years ago I wanted a change so I painted it.  What else do I do when I want a change 🙂  I first primed it with metallic primer since you could never use magnets on it and then I used chalkboard paint.  It has become so useful!  We use it to keep track of what’s in the freezer and then all then things we need to do!  We started a new list today.  We’ll see how far we get!  We do spend the entire Wednesday mornings cleaning the house.  Kevin said this morning that he can tell we’ve been home because every week it goes faster and faster with cleaning because you don’t get behind!  We have a pool and so all the kids from church have a standing invitation to swim so some little girls were adding decoration to my fridge the other day!  Have a great Wednesday!



Jewelry Box

Studio Pictures


jewerly case2

So on to Studio things!  This is a jewelry box that I got…three guess where I got it!  Yes,  goodwill and it works really nice for all the little things I use often.  It sits right where I stamp and is very helpful!jewerly case