Studio Attic Doors

attic1So this has been our project for the past few days…This is the opening into the studio’s attic.  It has been letting all the hot air in and since it’s already hot more hot air is not needed.  Kevin wanted something so he could get in and out of the area.  There is a hole like this on each side of the studio wall.  So he decided to build a door.  It was quite a project!  There was sawdust and a mess everywhere (still is! he’s not quite done!) He started with a door but the opening is only 18×22″ so it didn’t fit so some modifications were needed!  We painted the outside of the doors white.  And since I love to paint doors…we did the wrong side on one and had to re-paint!  Love when that happens :).  Anyway it’s looking really nice. Can’t wait for it to be done and the mess gone.  We had some gold knobs left over from some other project and I got my handy spray paint can out and now they are an awesome silver!

attic2Almost finished. He has a little more mudding to do and then the trim work.  Then the white wall will be painted and the stairs.  It’s getting there little by little.

This is what my counter looks like currently!  I really wanted to keep it neat but it’s really hard when things get rolling.

workspacePlus it upwards of 90 degrees right now so when it starts getting warm…I just abandon everything!

We have new stamps coming!  I’m really excited.  We designed them to work on these 3 circle z fold cards you see on my counter.  Lots of new fun cubes so that the words fit!  Check out the home page of our website for the latest images.  We are hoping to have them in Minnesota this weekend!  Have a good Tuesday!




3 Responses to “Studio Attic Doors”

  1. Kathy M. Says:

    Where did you get those nice white drawers that lift things up that sit on top of them?? I hope Kevin didn’t make those too? I don’t have a handy husband like that 🙂 Kathy M.

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      Ikea! Love that place. I actually had bought brackets to put them on the wall with but they work awesome on the counter. My glue runners are right at my fingertips!

      • Kathy M. Says:

        Thanks Beth – you certainly have good ideas for organizing – which we are all always trying to improve on in our own studios 🙂

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