Caring Thoughts

Get Well Soon

caring thoughtsSo just a quick post this morning!

I love this daisy punch because it takes the place of ribbon.  Why use expensive ribbon when you can use a thin piece of scrap paper!

I finally broke down and bought an air conditioner for the studio!  Gasp it was sooooo hot!  It’s now a comfortable 78 degrees instead of 95 degrees!  I can work in 78 degree weather….not so much in 95 degrees!  With a busy schedule for August coming up I was just a little nervous about getting too hot up here and not being able to work.

The new stamps have arrived and we should have them for the Bloomington show!  I still have a little more to do on them this morning so I better get moving!  The cards are awesome and they’ll start showing up next week!  Have a great weekend!