Awesome Storage Tool

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black turntableI found this turntable at Harbor Freight Tools for $19.99.  Love that it is black.  I have it right where I stamp with all kinds of things on it.  It did take Kevin the better part of a morning to put it together.  You know things from Harbor Freight come in all kinds of pieces!  It was way worth it!


Think Snow!


bookish gradIt’s an absolute perfect day here in WI!  The weather is around 64 degrees- warm but cool.  The temperature in the studio is perfect!  Should get lots done today which is a good thing since I have lots to do.  Travis is almost done vulcanizing for the Novi, MI show so then begins the task of making and packaging the stamps!  Not my favorite thing! 🙂  Too tedious for me but it has to be done 🙂

The house is clean (for those of you just following…I clean the house every Wednesday if possible)  I really wanted to skip it this morning but knew it would just make next week harder.  By cleaning every week it just keep things neater and less stressful for me. So I got up early and got it done.  Karissa is coming home tonight for the weekend…not that we’ll see her much she has all kinds of plans.

You may have notice a couple of new links to the right…we have been uploading cataloged images.  Check them out.



My New Favorite Color!

Our World

kitchenSo this orange is my new favorite color in the house!  Because of the age of our house, everything needs replacement…counters…floors…you name it.  This funky blue is on the back splash of the kitchen counter and Kevin says it can’t be replaced since it’s in good condition so what’s a girl to do but make it cool with orange!  Karissa made the paper flowers and they go into an air freshener that freshens.  The cabinet is my new junk drawers so that I don’t have to use my kitchen drawers.  Of course everything else is thrift store finds!  Got a few more things to do tonight so I should get going.  Hope your Tuesday was good and looking forward to Hump Day!