Stamp Storage

Studio Pictures

studio6So these two black cabinets that you see are where I store my wood mount stamps.  I also store my cling mount too.  I’ll show you that on Monday.  Found a great way that’s working good and you buy the stuff from Goodwill so it’s cheap!

studio8These cabinets come in two parts a top and a bottom!  They come for Collectors Cabinets from northern WI.  They store a lot of stamps but a bit pricy. We did a little bartering with shipping their cabinets to get a couple. I got the ribbon storage at Goodwill…just one of those finds…I keep a scissors on top of it so I don’t have to go looking for my scissors when I need ribbon.

studio7So as you see…they are mostly FULL!  I have my copic chart and some paper charts tapped inside.  Thinking of taking the doors off and painting chalkboard and metallic paint on the inside (when I have some time!)  I also want to use chalkboard paint on stickers to put on the sides of the drawers (instead of the white paper) so I can change the words.  Might get to that this weekend and show you on Monday!  I always think I can get more done than I can.




Happy Birthday Blocks


happy birthday blocksWe are still back in the ages with solid stamps.  Sometimes it’s good to back and look at old things to make them new again.  I’m really the queen of  thrift shopping and re-doing things.  Simple but elegant card.

We have had an eventful morning today.  Last night around 3 am the thunderstorms rolled through and we lost power.  I got up at 6:30 am and Kevin said “just get dressed, we’re going out for breakfast!”  I’m like “WHY?”  No power was the answer and I need coffee! So off we went to breakfast and because I had coupons for IHop we went all the way into Green Bay which is about 12 miles.  But 12 miles is one gallon of gas so that is why it is ALL the way to Green Bay.  And we can never go ALL the way to Green Bay without a purpose so we stopped at a carpet store on the way home.  Our house is around 20 years old and so most of the floors need replacing but I’m not sure what I want so I keep looking.  Found some good stuff this morning but I’m still just not sure!  Have a good weekend!  I’m still painting rooms so I have a couple planned for this weekend.  Need to get the whole house painted before floors go in!


Studio Oraganization

Studio Pictures

studio5So this cabinet gets a lot of use while I stamp.  I found it at some resale shop a million years ago…brought it out of the basement, painted it, and it was ready to go.  The top two drawers are skinny which is good.  The bottom has a shelf in the back and then it is all open.  The bottom is currently empty expect for my extra Copic markers in a big bin that I use for Make N Takes.  They probably won’t stay there but I just got my Make n Take area organized (you’ll see that later!) and they will go there.
studio5aSo in the drawers…the top one has all the different base/boards used in the cuttlebug along with my Martha Steward scoring pal.  I really prefer the Scor-pal brand that is on top of the cabinet but sometimes you need the other one.

The second drawer has a bunch of punches in it…border punches that are currently available.  See things get complicated for me because I can’t just keep all the punches in one place.  If the punch has been discontinued it needs to go somewhere else otherwise I’ll use it and then put it on a card in the booth and then it’s not available.

Well that should do it for today.  Wednesday is cleaning day.  The day I clean the entire house and wash clothes.  I started washing clothes yesterday because the weather has been unpredictable and wasn’t sure how much sun I would have for drying clothes today!

Have a great “hump” day!



Birthday Candles


birthday candleGood Morning!  I have gone back to the old days today and brought out the solid stamps?!  Remember those?!  We actually started our line with them.  Made the background with them.  The candle is a new embossing folder we have been carrying in the booth.  Inspired colors by paint chips…it’s amazing where inspiration comes from.

So I have a heart warming story for you today.  We all know that retail is not the easiest business to be in but sometimes people just amaze me.  Last year we did the StampFest Orlando show…this year we elected not to do it just for some summer time off!  Our credit card machine wasn’t working last year in Orlando so we had to pull out the old one and the battery had gone dead in it but we were unaware of it since we  plugged it in.  Anyway, the date recorded as Jan 1, 1995 all day long.  When we batched out that night, several credit cards were rejected because of “late presentation”  meaning the date was in correct.  We sent in an appeal to the credit card processing company just explaining what happened and that the charges were current.  Well, some banks rejected anyway.  So there were several hundred dollars we were unable to collect.  One customer from Savannah, GA…Harriet.. noticed that the bank took her money and then gave it back.  She called questioning why she was given the money back.  I left a message just explaining what happened and that was that.  Yesterday I got a check in the mail from her for the amount that she was given back!! Can you believe it?? She got to thinking about the Orlando show coming up and remembered about getting her money back, looked up her receipts and sent us a check!  That is character and honesty.  Doing something that is right that nobody knows about!  Thank you Harriet.


More Studio

Studio Pictures

studio3I think this is my favorite part of the studio!  I have all my scraps organized above my cutting in magazine holders I got at Ikea.  I was going to get cardboard ones and Karissa talked me into these metal ones and I’m so glad!  They are very sturdy and work well.  I do have a light clipped on the shelf and behind that light is actually my embossing tool in a little stand.  The shoe racks work great for punches…especially the punches I use all the time.  On the top of the shoe rack to the right is a wine rack with glass vases that I got from the dollar store.  The wine rack cost $0.75 at goodwill and the glass vases were $1.00 each.  It’s for future expansion!  I was going to use it for my prismacolor pencils and water color pencils but they are in lego containers decorated with burlap behind the metal tins.  They work well there so not sure if I’m going to change them or not.

studio4well I’d better get to work!  Have a great Tuesday!



With Sympathy Dove

With Sympathy

sympathy doveNot sure why this picture is so blurry! (Karissa will be giving me heck over it :)) I have needed a lot of sympathy cards this year and five minutes before leaving for the funeral, I’m running around trying to stamp a card. So I took some time last week and made a bunch.  I’m hoping because I have a bunch made up I won’t need any! I really like this embossing folder from Cuttlebug called Rebecca…simply yet elegant.

So the stamp made into the flower in yesterday’s post.  Ronda, you were right, it is a necktie.  Michelle stamped it on double sided cardstock and flipped the top down.  The number is C227 KB’s Heart Tie Sm.  How creative!


Studio Pics!


studioWell I know many of you have been waiting for pics of the studio and since I can’t seem to take good pictures we’ll just have to make due with these!  This picture was taken from the top of the stairs…the room is narrow and long.  To the right by the couch is a little sitting area (which is full of boxes at present since I’m stuffing Make n Take’s!)  To the left is the postal area where we weigh and package stuff.  The middle area is for stamping!  Under the window is my desk where I do paper work and to the left of the desk is the desk that has the computer that goes on the road with us.  I’ll take pictures of how I have some of my stuff organized later

studio2this is where I stamp!  It works so well…I’m very happy with the way it turned out!


Happy Together


happy together tiesThe card this morning comes from one of my designers Michelle!  Guess what stamp the flower is made from??!! Answer tomorrow!

We had an awesome weekend (with that quick trip to MN for Grant’s graduation) and everything in between.  Kevin had been working on one of the vehicles for 9 days and he finally got it fixed!  We had a lot of thunderstorms so had to be inside so we painted one of the bathrooms (another things off my list), cleaned out the laundry room, and cleaned out the kids bathroom cabinet. Lots of junk to garbage and goodwill.  Feels good to clean things out.

This week our list is pretty long too!  We have had a problem with the suburban (which pulls the trailer that brings all the stuff to the show) gas tank so Kevin is going to drop the tank and look at it this week.  He needs to open the pool ( all the kids have been after him since the weather turned 90 degrees here!).  My list includes stuffing Make n Takes and maybe design a new one.  Get my paper work caught up.  Clean the basement out (that’s a BIG one!). Paint the cabinet in the kitchen orange.  So I guess I better get started….

Mini Cards

Creatures, Valentine's Day

ImageThis post was supposed to be for Friday but a crazy storm blew through and knocked our power out. There are trees down on almost every block. Hoping everyone is safe! 

Stamps used: EE36 KB’s Fox, D262 Mustache Valentine, DD46 KB’s New Tweet, F210 Fancy Rectangle, B263 KB’s Mustache Small, HH31 Chevron Border

The words on top left and bottom left cards are rub ons, not sure where they are from. They were found in a stack of paper. 

On the inside of the right top and middle cards is the D262 (pictured below).


Have a wonderful weekend!

Hannah’s Graduation!


Reach for StarsGood Day!  I’ve had a busy day today.  Woke up early (out of bed by 5 am!) Did two loads of laundry (hung on line!) Put two baskets of folded clothes away. Emptied dishwasher. Spray painted a planter (love spray paint!) Watered plants. Made Eggs & Bacon Breakfast for Kevin all by 7:30 am.  I then got a text from my friend Holly who told me about a garage sale down the road from my house…so off Kev and I go in the little green machine (some day I will have to tell you about the green machine!) to this garage sale.  Found an old ladder for my sister…she saw something on pintrest she wants to do with it.  Then I hit the jackpot!  Found four picture frames with really thick cool frames and the glass for $2.  I’m going to (what else!) spray paint them and put magnetic chalkboard paint on the glass and then…on all my embossing powders and glitter lids I’m going to put a magnetic.  This will get them all out of the drawer that I dig in and put them on the wall so I can just grab them!  So excited!  When I get it done I’ll post a picture in case you don’t get how cool it will be!

I think this is my last graduation card for the year!  This one is for my friend’s daughter in Lakewood, WA.  Congrats Hannah!  Stamps used:  DD33 Sympathy Word Fun Cube; EE17 Dual Stars Lg; AA18 Dual Stars Sm; B177 Reach for the Stars; C22 Solid Circle


Grant’s Graduation!


Grants Grad 3Grants Grad1Another beautiful day here in WI!

You may wonder what I have been so busy with these last weeks since our last show.  Well, let me tell you what I’ve been up to.  I have always had the accounting on a windows computer with Quickbooks but with my recent addition of my IMax I decided to switch to Quickbooks for Mac.  Really should be simple but ended up really complicated and of course tech support is from India and they do not speak good English!  So yesterday I had a problem that was really strange. I called tech support (which takes hours!) because I have 90 days of free support.  The first gentleman keep telling me I set up the account wrong and I kept telling him I could not have because it was a default account (one that they set up) and he annoyed me so I hung up.  Called back and got someone else who told me my data was corrupt and I needed it rebuilt but that I had to pay for better support which would be $219!  Oh forget it I said and hung up.  I was going to threw in the towel so to speak and then decided to shut the entire computer down and restart and Ta Da!  My program now works!  I really dislike computers but they are so helpful when they work! I think that will be the last time I call tech support!

On to better things…my nephew graduated from Maple Lake High School in Maple Lake, Minnesota this years so we are off to MN for his graduation party this weekend.  Here is the card (glasses again!) I made for him and one for the booth.  Hope you Enjoy!

Stamps Used:DD52 Clara Owl; B134 KB’s Grad Hat; H108 Congrats; E171 hanging up your hat