Birthday Candles

birthday candleGood Morning!  I have gone back to the old days today and brought out the solid stamps?!  Remember those?!  We actually started our line with them.  Made the background with them.  The candle is a new embossing folder we have been carrying in the booth.  Inspired colors by paint chips…it’s amazing where inspiration comes from.

So I have a heart warming story for you today.  We all know that retail is not the easiest business to be in but sometimes people just amaze me.  Last year we did the StampFest Orlando show…this year we elected not to do it just for some summer time off!  Our credit card machine wasn’t working last year in Orlando so we had to pull out the old one and the battery had gone dead in it but we were unaware of it since we  plugged it in.  Anyway, the date recorded as Jan 1, 1995 all day long.  When we batched out that night, several credit cards were rejected because of “late presentation”  meaning the date was in correct.  We sent in an appeal to the credit card processing company just explaining what happened and that the charges were current.  Well, some banks rejected anyway.  So there were several hundred dollars we were unable to collect.  One customer from Savannah, GA…Harriet.. noticed that the bank took her money and then gave it back.  She called questioning why she was given the money back.  I left a message just explaining what happened and that was that.  Yesterday I got a check in the mail from her for the amount that she was given back!! Can you believe it?? She got to thinking about the Orlando show coming up and remembered about getting her money back, looked up her receipts and sent us a check!  That is character and honesty.  Doing something that is right that nobody knows about!  Thank you Harriet.


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2 Responses to “Birthday Candles”

  1. Ronda Says:

    Thank you for sharing a heart-warming story such as this…..there are some really decent and honest people in this world and it is such a joy when the Lord lands one of them in our laps…..some folks probably did not even realize that they had gotten their money back….kudos to Harriet for paying attention and then doing something about it….God is good like that!!!

  2. Cindy Shipley Says:

    First, I really enjoy your daily cards. Second, Thanks for the
    uplifting story. Sometimes you get to thinking your the only one
    who still thinks honesty and integrity are still the right thing to
    do, then comes a Harriet. God bless her and you for sharing
    this encouraging news. I know it made your precious heart

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