Stamp Storage

Studio Pictures

studio6So these two black cabinets that you see are where I store my wood mount stamps.  I also store my cling mount too.  I’ll show you that on Monday.  Found a great way that’s working good and you buy the stuff from Goodwill so it’s cheap!

studio8These cabinets come in two parts a top and a bottom!  They come for Collectors Cabinets from northern WI.  They store a lot of stamps but a bit pricy. We did a little bartering with shipping their cabinets to get a couple. I got the ribbon storage at Goodwill…just one of those finds…I keep a scissors on top of it so I don’t have to go looking for my scissors when I need ribbon.

studio7So as you see…they are mostly FULL!  I have my copic chart and some paper charts tapped inside.  Thinking of taking the doors off and painting chalkboard and metallic paint on the inside (when I have some time!)  I also want to use chalkboard paint on stickers to put on the sides of the drawers (instead of the white paper) so I can change the words.  Might get to that this weekend and show you on Monday!  I always think I can get more done than I can.




Happy Birthday Blocks


happy birthday blocksWe are still back in the ages with solid stamps.  Sometimes it’s good to back and look at old things to make them new again.  I’m really the queen of  thrift shopping and re-doing things.  Simple but elegant card.

We have had an eventful morning today.  Last night around 3 am the thunderstorms rolled through and we lost power.  I got up at 6:30 am and Kevin said “just get dressed, we’re going out for breakfast!”  I’m like “WHY?”  No power was the answer and I need coffee! So off we went to breakfast and because I had coupons for IHop we went all the way into Green Bay which is about 12 miles.  But 12 miles is one gallon of gas so that is why it is ALL the way to Green Bay.  And we can never go ALL the way to Green Bay without a purpose so we stopped at a carpet store on the way home.  Our house is around 20 years old and so most of the floors need replacing but I’m not sure what I want so I keep looking.  Found some good stuff this morning but I’m still just not sure!  Have a good weekend!  I’m still painting rooms so I have a couple planned for this weekend.  Need to get the whole house painted before floors go in!