Hannah’s Graduation!


Reach for StarsGood Day!  I’ve had a busy day today.  Woke up early (out of bed by 5 am!) Did two loads of laundry (hung on line!) Put two baskets of folded clothes away. Emptied dishwasher. Spray painted a planter (love spray paint!) Watered plants. Made Eggs & Bacon Breakfast for Kevin all by 7:30 am.  I then got a text from my friend Holly who told me about a garage sale down the road from my house…so off Kev and I go in the little green machine (some day I will have to tell you about the green machine!) to this garage sale.  Found an old ladder for my sister…she saw something on pintrest she wants to do with it.  Then I hit the jackpot!  Found four picture frames with really thick cool frames and the glass for $2.  I’m going to (what else!) spray paint them and put magnetic chalkboard paint on the glass and then…on all my embossing powders and glitter lids I’m going to put a magnetic.  This will get them all out of the drawer that I dig in and put them on the wall so I can just grab them!  So excited!  When I get it done I’ll post a picture in case you don’t get how cool it will be!

I think this is my last graduation card for the year!  This one is for my friend’s daughter in Lakewood, WA.  Congrats Hannah!  Stamps used:  DD33 Sympathy Word Fun Cube; EE17 Dual Stars Lg; AA18 Dual Stars Sm; B177 Reach for the Stars; C22 Solid Circle