Stamp Storage

studio6So these two black cabinets that you see are where I store my wood mount stamps.  I also store my cling mount too.  I’ll show you that on Monday.  Found a great way that’s working good and you buy the stuff from Goodwill so it’s cheap!

studio8These cabinets come in two parts a top and a bottom!  They come for Collectors Cabinets from northern WI.  They store a lot of stamps but a bit pricy. We did a little bartering with shipping their cabinets to get a couple. I got the ribbon storage at Goodwill…just one of those finds…I keep a scissors on top of it so I don’t have to go looking for my scissors when I need ribbon.

studio7So as you see…they are mostly FULL!  I have my copic chart and some paper charts tapped inside.  Thinking of taking the doors off and painting chalkboard and metallic paint on the inside (when I have some time!)  I also want to use chalkboard paint on stickers to put on the sides of the drawers (instead of the white paper) so I can change the words.  Might get to that this weekend and show you on Monday!  I always think I can get more done than I can.




One Response to “Stamp Storage”

  1. Ronda Says:

    It is coming along nicely and just get more excited for you with every new thing 🙂

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