Studio Oraganization

studio5So this cabinet gets a lot of use while I stamp.  I found it at some resale shop a million years ago…brought it out of the basement, painted it, and it was ready to go.  The top two drawers are skinny which is good.  The bottom has a shelf in the back and then it is all open.  The bottom is currently empty expect for my extra Copic markers in a big bin that I use for Make N Takes.  They probably won’t stay there but I just got my Make n Take area organized (you’ll see that later!) and they will go there.
studio5aSo in the drawers…the top one has all the different base/boards used in the cuttlebug along with my Martha Steward scoring pal.  I really prefer the Scor-pal brand that is on top of the cabinet but sometimes you need the other one.

The second drawer has a bunch of punches in it…border punches that are currently available.  See things get complicated for me because I can’t just keep all the punches in one place.  If the punch has been discontinued it needs to go somewhere else otherwise I’ll use it and then put it on a card in the booth and then it’s not available.

Well that should do it for today.  Wednesday is cleaning day.  The day I clean the entire house and wash clothes.  I started washing clothes yesterday because the weather has been unpredictable and wasn’t sure how much sun I would have for drying clothes today!

Have a great “hump” day!



2 Responses to “Studio Oraganization”

  1. Ronda Says:

    Love, love, love it… are doing such a great job with your studio! It really does look great and can’t wait for more….looking forward to the totally finished pictures when all is in order 🙂

  2. Cindy Says:

    I know we are not supposed to be envious, but I must admit
    I am (just a little bit). You are so creative and it shows in
    your newly organized studio as well. So happy for you and
    your project. Can’t wait to see the finished product. God
    Bless you and yours.

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