Grant’s Graduation!


Grants Grad 3Grants Grad1Another beautiful day here in WI!

You may wonder what I have been so busy with these last weeks since our last show.  Well, let me tell you what I’ve been up to.  I have always had the accounting on a windows computer with Quickbooks but with my recent addition of my IMax I decided to switch to Quickbooks for Mac.  Really should be simple but ended up really complicated and of course tech support is from India and they do not speak good English!  So yesterday I had a problem that was really strange. I called tech support (which takes hours!) because I have 90 days of free support.  The first gentleman keep telling me I set up the account wrong and I kept telling him I could not have because it was a default account (one that they set up) and he annoyed me so I hung up.  Called back and got someone else who told me my data was corrupt and I needed it rebuilt but that I had to pay for better support which would be $219!  Oh forget it I said and hung up.  I was going to threw in the towel so to speak and then decided to shut the entire computer down and restart and Ta Da!  My program now works!  I really dislike computers but they are so helpful when they work! I think that will be the last time I call tech support!

On to better things…my nephew graduated from Maple Lake High School in Maple Lake, Minnesota this years so we are off to MN for his graduation party this weekend.  Here is the card (glasses again!) I made for him and one for the booth.  Hope you Enjoy!

Stamps Used:DD52 Clara Owl; B134 KB’s Grad Hat; H108 Congrats; E171 hanging up your hat

Owl with Glasses!


HB Owl GreyHB Owl YellowHello!  It is a beautiful day here in WI!  The sun is shining and it a cool 50 degrees!  Only suppose to get to 70 degrees today which is perfect!

Here is the card I made for my Dad for his birthday which is coming up in July.  Then I had to make one for the booth.  If you’ll notice I stamped the owl three times in different colors and then cut them out.  I like to cut things out!  I used to love paper piercing so I guess that’s why I like my scissors!

Enjoy your day…hope it’s a good one!

Stamps used:  D250 Another year Older; DD52 Clara Owl; E144 Happy Birthday Typed; F138 Happy Birthday Stacked.


Evan’s 50th Birthday


Evan 50thGlasses QuickutzGood Morning!  I have discovered the studio is very HOT! so I need to get out early and work.  It’s a good thing! I have to get out of bed early and get to work.  I can get a lot more accomplished!  So maybe I shouldn’t put air conditioning in???

On Friday I decided I was not going to work!  I have discovered that when I need a card I’m rushing around trying to make cards for occasion.  This year we had four graduations, 2 birthdays, a couple of funerals, and Father’s day etc.  So on Friday I decided I was going to make a bunch of cards that do not go in the booth but go in a file for me to send out!  ( I have to admit I did make one extra of each card for the booth! Hard to stop a workaholic!) The card today is the beginning of those cards.

My friend Evan and I share a birthday and because he is OLDER than me, we had a birthday party for him.  In a former lifetime I was a Certified Ophthalmic Technician so I have always been a fan of glasses so I love this Quickutz die of glasses.  You’ll see it showing up on a lot of cards this week.  Enjoy!