Evan’s 50th Birthday


Evan 50thGlasses QuickutzGood Morning!  I have discovered the studio is very HOT! so I need to get out early and work.  It’s a good thing! I have to get out of bed early and get to work.  I can get a lot more accomplished!  So maybe I shouldn’t put air conditioning in???

On Friday I decided I was not going to work!  I have discovered that when I need a card I’m rushing around trying to make cards for occasion.  This year we had four graduations, 2 birthdays, a couple of funerals, and Father’s day etc.  So on Friday I decided I was going to make a bunch of cards that do not go in the booth but go in a file for me to send out!  ( I have to admit I did make one extra of each card for the booth! Hard to stop a workaholic!) The card today is the beginning of those cards.

My friend Evan and I share a birthday and because he is OLDER than me, we had a birthday party for him.  In a former lifetime I was a Certified Ophthalmic Technician so I have always been a fan of glasses so I love this Quickutz die of glasses.  You’ll see it showing up on a lot of cards this week.  Enjoy!

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