Happy Together


happy together tiesThe card this morning comes from one of my designers Michelle!  Guess what stamp the flower is made from??!! Answer tomorrow!

We had an awesome weekend (with that quick trip to MN for Grant’s graduation) and everything in between.  Kevin had been working on one of the vehicles for 9 days and he finally got it fixed!  We had a lot of thunderstorms so had to be inside so we painted one of the bathrooms (another things off my list), cleaned out the laundry room, and cleaned out the kids bathroom cabinet. Lots of junk to garbage and goodwill.  Feels good to clean things out.

This week our list is pretty long too!  We have had a problem with the suburban (which pulls the trailer that brings all the stuff to the show) gas tank so Kevin is going to drop the tank and look at it this week.  He needs to open the pool ( all the kids have been after him since the weather turned 90 degrees here!).  My list includes stuffing Make n Takes and maybe design a new one.  Get my paper work caught up.  Clean the basement out (that’s a BIG one!). Paint the cabinet in the kitchen orange.  So I guess I better get started….

One thought on “Happy Together

  1. Taking a guess and saying a necktie, but in any event, it’s adorable ♥ The center almost looks like a beach shovel without the handle, and the white part an actual flower ? Don’t forget to breathe along the way so there will be a tomorrow 😀


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