Studio Pics!


studioWell I know many of you have been waiting for pics of the studio and since I can’t seem to take good pictures we’ll just have to make due with these!  This picture was taken from the top of the stairs…the room is narrow and long.  To the right by the couch is a little sitting area (which is full of boxes at present since I’m stuffing Make n Take’s!)  To the left is the postal area where we weigh and package stuff.  The middle area is for stamping!  Under the window is my desk where I do paper work and to the left of the desk is the desk that has the computer that goes on the road with us.  I’ll take pictures of how I have some of my stuff organized later

studio2this is where I stamp!  It works so well…I’m very happy with the way it turned out!


2 thoughts on “Studio Pics!

  1. I am only slightly green (ha! ha!) ~~Beth, this is wonderful~~thank you so much for sharing with us and will be looking forward to the future pictures 🙂


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