Jan 20

I have a clean house! Yippee!  Kevin and I cleaned the whole house today. I love a clean house. We are starting on the tile floor in the kitchen in the morning so I’m really happy 😊

I spent two hours in my studio today and I only have one card to show for itπŸ™„ one of those days… 

Stamps Used: A237 Smile; B95 KB’s Silphnium Mini; D229 Swiss Dot; E281 Got Feeling Smile;

9 Responses to “Jan 20”

  1. Melissa Few Says:

    Hi. love it! Interested in what embossing folder that is, never saw that one before. Thank you.

  2. Mitzie41955@aol.com Says:

    I wanted to order 1 unmounted stamp $6.80 for shipping?

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      We use the usps and that is their minimum flat ship rate now. It just went up. We live in a very rural area and if I don’t ship priority than it costs me that much to drive to town to ship first class or I have to pay a minimum monthly fee to a shipping website which still costs a lot of $$. I understand your frustration and I’m probably more frustrated with it than you!!

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