Dec 24


Good Evening. It’s about time for bed around here. We have had some full days with too much food and sitting around 😜  

Kevin and Travis spend some time out in the shop. We all headed up to our two antique shops for just a couple of hours. I made my Mom’s Famous Spaghetti Sauce for supper. I’m not sure why I buy Ragu when making it from scratch is so simple. 

Our card today is a simple Valentines card. By the way , who saw my grammar error yesterday !? πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ˜ I suspect Tamara, Alida, Faye, oh and probably Eden 😊 Sometimes Karissa fixes them for me!!  At least it makes me smile and think about all you with good grammar! We are happy to have Karissa here for the holidays. By the way, it was my brother who pointed out the grammar error to meπŸ™ƒ

Stamps Used: B166 Happy Valentine Day; B264 Open Heart; E252 Open Love; G16 Solid circle lg; H117 Swiss Dot Giga;

Dec 23



Goodness! so much going on around here! My parents came, our son came home, we still have the three brothers here. Life is good!  We say good bye to some tomorrow and hello to our daughter. Looking forward to the holiday’s. 

You might notice today’s card is the same sketch as yesterday ( I do that a lot!) and you can expect more as the week goes on but we will have a Easter card, valentines card, and today’s St Pat’s, and a Christmas for Friday.  Whew that might be a run on sentence 😏

Stamps Used: B265 Four leaf; E267 Irish or Not; G16 Solid Circle, lg; H117 Swiss Dot Mega;

So Eric made a cake for my nieces birthday and Bruce decorated it…

and is the back end of a horse!  She loves horses 😊

Dec 22


Today’s card is in honor of my neice Hallie who turns 17 today !  Happy Birthday Hallie. 

Half our company has arrived… my brother Brad and a couple of our ministers Bruce & Eric. My parents will arrive today…although their beds are actually at my sisters but I will cook for the crew. My brother in law and sister will be working most days but they are awesome about helping with clean up.  So our hearts are happy and enjoying our time together. 

Stamps Used: E227 Wishing Happy Birthday; E254 KB’s Cupcake; G16 Solid Circle, Lg; H117 Swiss Dot Giga;

Dec 18


we have had a couple of crazy days around here. We continue entering inventory. We have the stamps done and now for Copics, embossing folders, cutting dies oh the list goes on and on. 

Needed a thank you gift card so I adapted the one we are using in Design and Treasure next year. 

We are scheduled for Grapevine, TX in January of 2016.   We are a little slow getting the schedule up – due to our endless uploading of inventory πŸ™„ rolling eyes- my new favorite Emoji! 

Stamps Used: G316 KB’s Capp Cup Lg; G321 thanks a latte border; EE37 KB’s Plain Snowman Looking Up; F227 Gift Card Value;

Dec 14

Birthday, Gift Card Holders

We have continued to work on our data entry. We have 9 out of 12 cases done. Can’t wait to be done with it!  

We have most of our equipment ordered/bought for the POS system. The barcodes work so that’s a good sign. Now for the cash drawer and receipt printer that hopefully will arrive this week. 

Stamps Used:  EE53 KB’s Skinny Candles; B104 happy birthday simple; F227 Gift Card Value