Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Good day to you! Do you celebrate St. Patty’s Day? I only celebrate my fantastic nephew Blake as today is his birthday! Kevin said there was a huge party down in Green Bay at noon! I didn’t even know that people still celebrate it??!! We did get a card together. Enjoy.

Stamp links:

B265 Solid Shamrock

D183 Thinking of You on St. Patrick’s Day

CMO125 Bandaid with Heart

Dec 23



Goodness! so much going on around here! My parents came, our son came home, we still have the three brothers here. Life is good!  We say good bye to some tomorrow and hello to our daughter. Looking forward to the holiday’s. 

You might notice today’s card is the same sketch as yesterday ( I do that a lot!) and you can expect more as the week goes on but we will have a Easter card, valentines card, and today’s St Pat’s, and a Christmas for Friday.  Whew that might be a run on sentence 😏

Stamps Used: B265 Four leaf; E267 Irish or Not; G16 Solid Circle, lg; H117 Swiss Dot Mega;

So Eric made a cake for my nieces birthday and Bruce decorated it…

and yes..it is the back end of a horse!  She loves horses 😊