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Studio Pictures

adhesive storageOn to studio pics!  I got a little side tracked yesterday with the little gray case but we are back to the black drawers.  The top two were ribbon storage and now this is the third drawer that has my adhesive in it and a dyno labeler.  I got these plastic trays that you see in the drawer from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  They work nice and they are inexpensive.  I think I’m beginning to sound cheap but I’m really not.  There are times when it pays to buy expensive because you do get what you pay for.  But some things like storage, expensive or not expensive, they are going to work the same.

now a glimpse into our world…

fridgeI have this really old refrigerator .  I think maybe going on 25+ years and it continues to perform so why get rid of it?!  A few years ago I wanted a change so I painted it.  What else do I do when I want a change 🙂  I first primed it with metallic primer since you could never use magnets on it and then I used chalkboard paint.  It has become so useful!  We use it to keep track of what’s in the freezer and then all then things we need to do!  We started a new list today.  We’ll see how far we get!  We do spend the entire Wednesday mornings cleaning the house.  Kevin said this morning that he can tell we’ve been home because every week it goes faster and faster with cleaning because you don’t get behind!  We have a pool and so all the kids from church have a standing invitation to swim so some little girls were adding decoration to my fridge the other day!  Have a great Wednesday!



Sympathy Vellum

With Sympathy

sympathy vellumsympathy vellum insideSo just a couple more vellum cards and then we’ll be on to something else!  Vellum cards make nice easy uncomplicated sympathy cards.  Stamps Used:  E110 Know Pain Shared; F109 Heartfelt Sympathy.  One interesting thing…I never shop WalMart.  Almost never is really the case but sometimes when we are on the road it’s a quick easy stop since they are everywhere…  At home I’ll pay more for something just to avoid WalMart.  But I happened to go there somewhere along our travels (we probably needed snacks for the drive!) and I came upon this jute that you see on the front of the card.  It was only $4 and came in two different packages.  It works awesome.  It’s pliable enough that it’s easy to work with and the bows stay when they are tied.  Love it.  Haven’t looked at my  local WalMart yet since I never go there but for those of you who do…it’s a great product.

juteSorry I forgot to flip the picture!  Any way… Happy Hump Day!  We are almost to the weekend!