wishing ewe….


wishing ewewishing ewe insideIt is hot here in WI!  Like really HOT!  88 degrees in studio already and it’s early!  Won’t be up here for long.  Love the lamb stamp.. the inside stamp actually has wishing you above what I stamped but I just didn’t ink them since the front is already wishing…

The new stamps are here and they are awesome!  Made a couple quick cards this morning which should show up on the blog next week.  If you live in the Minneapolis area be sure and come see us at the Bloomington show.

http://www.rubberstampevents.com for information.


Ikea Drawers

Studio Pictures

white drawer

white drawer2So this is what is inside those white Ikea drawers on my work space!  I have clear blocks and adhesive right at my finger tips.  I have my embossing powders currently in here too but they soon will be up on magnets!  I have the pictures frames all painted, I just need to take the time to get them up and put magnets on the powders.  Not sure when that will happen with the Bloomington show this weekend.

back doorWhile we were moving Karissa…I came upon this Wagner’s sign so I stole it from her. Doesn’t it look awesome on my back door!  I think my frame needs repainting white though.  All those dirty fingers hitting the garage door buttons.