Our World!

Our World

kb bedAs many of your know…we moved Karissa last week from Minneapolis to St. Paul.  I have been elected to Blog today since she still does not have internet.  How does one live without internet?  I’m not sure but she said she’s finished a couple of books and got a lot done!

She has had the same bed since she was probably 12!  We decided since the trundle to her bed was at our house and she wanted to move from a twin to a queen that we would bring her bed home and get her a new bed.  She had been wanting her Dad to build her something and he came up with a good one (well he had a lot of help from us)!  We bought all these shelves from IKEA (well I think we already had one!) and made her a bed!  It has cubby holes all around the base and then in the headboard.

As you maybe can tell…she just had a twin air mattress when we left because we ordered her mattress online (go figure!  We used a Groupon deal!) and it was delivered later.  She loves her bed and we like having a real bed in the guest room instead of just a trundle!

A beautiful weekend has been forecasted for WI!  No rain and 80 degrees!  We decided that we would paint the ugly slab and the pool deck so we went to Home Depot last night to get paint and it’s all backordered!  Ugh!  I guess this new Behr paint for deck re-do’s has been so successful that they can’t keep it in stock.  Should have bought it when it was raining so that I would have it now!  Oh well..what’s a girl to do?? Hit the Thrift Shops!  So I’m off!