Things Close at Hand

Studio Pictures

jig standSo I have this handy file box that is black with white polka dots!  It fits perfectly in the studio and I love polka dots…it actually came in a organizer for bath products!  Re- purpose , Re-use, that’s my motto!  It has nice little compartments to hold things up.  In this case I have everything I use often.  My Stamp a ma Jig with all the plastic pieces, a scissors, white cardstock, 3-d-dots, a perfectly random template…just those things I use regularly.

Today in my world… it consists of LAUNDRY!  yikes, I’m a little behind due to the weather being so raining last week and then going to MN to move Karissa. I have a couple loads already on the line so we are getting there.

Finished all the stamps yesterday so moving on to Make N Takes…

mntI think the one things I love most about the studio is the fact that the mess is not in my kitchen.  I used to stuff MNT’s on the kitchen counter and since it is usually a 2-3 all day affair it was very inconvenient !  So I have lots of counter space out here and can come and go and leave the mess!

clockI did buy this fabulous clock at Hobby Lobby that I really want Kevin to get up today!  I purchased it for the kitchen but it didn’t work in there because I couldn’t see it at any angle.  I think the kitchen too small.  It was too awesome to take back so I just held on to it thinking that with all the remodeling we were doing I would find a spot for it.  Glad I kept it!  Off to keep the laundry moving…paying a few bills…and get those Make n Take stuffed!  Have a great weekend!




HB Vellum


hb vellumHere is the last of the vellum cards!  Maybe vellum will make another come back.  I have been using the Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac glue runner and it doesn’t seem to show at all!  I think not being able to find an adhesive that didn’t show was why most people didn’t use vellum…so maybe with the improvements in adhesive, vellum will come back.  We can always hope.

glue glider