Things Close at Hand

jig standSo I have this handy file box that is black with white polka dots!  It fits perfectly in the studio and I love polka dots…it actually came in a organizer for bath products!  Re- purpose , Re-use, that’s my motto!  It has nice little compartments to hold things up.  In this case I have everything I use often.  My Stamp a ma Jig with all the plastic pieces, a scissors, white cardstock, 3-d-dots, a perfectly random template…just those things I use regularly.

Today in my world… it consists of LAUNDRY!  yikes, I’m a little behind due to the weather being so raining last week and then going to MN to move Karissa. I have a couple loads already on the line so we are getting there.

Finished all the stamps yesterday so moving on to Make N Takes…

mntI think the one things I love most about the studio is the fact that the mess is not in my kitchen.  I used to stuff MNT’s on the kitchen counter and since it is usually a 2-3 all day affair it was very inconvenient !  So I have lots of counter space out here and can come and go and leave the mess!

clockI did buy this fabulous clock at Hobby Lobby that I really want Kevin to get up today!  I purchased it for the kitchen but it didn’t work in there because I couldn’t see it at any angle.  I think the kitchen too small.  It was too awesome to take back so I just held on to it thinking that with all the remodeling we were doing I would find a spot for it.  Glad I kept it!  Off to keep the laundry moving…paying a few bills…and get those Make n Take stuffed!  Have a great weekend!




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