Copic Markers

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copicsI have a problem with wine racks!  I buy them all the time at Thrift stores.  They come in really handy.  These wine racks (along with some bins from Joanne Fabrics) hold my Copic markers.  They are right at my finger tips and I can just throw them back in when I’m done with them and just grab when I need one.  As you can see I color group them.  I do have more in a cupboard but these are the ones I use the most!

So on Friday I had great time shopping at Thrift Stores…found a small wine rack…for $1.00 going to bring it to Karissa to see if she wants it on her desk…it’s pretty cool!

wine rackI picked up some clear vases from the dollar store that I usually just use a glue gun to glue in place!  If she doesn’t want it..well you can never have enough storage!



One thought on “Copic Markers

  1. You can always hang it from the ceiling, all my specialty paper and my ribbon hang from the ceiling, out of the way and easy to get to.

    Becky O’Donnell. Thanks for the great blogs. Karissa has a great mom.


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