Love Siri

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So while Karissa was driving over on Wednesday I wanted to check to see where she was so I sent her text.  Because she was driving she used Siri to text her message and it was kind of amusing so I thought I would share it.

in the roughBought this gem on the last thrift store expedition for $1.50.  It was in a little rough condition but the mechanism worked good so generally worth it.  It’s a bigger one to so bigger dies and folders will fit in it.

painted and readyHere she is!  All painted and ready to be filled!



3 thoughts on “Love Siri

  1. Love the file drawer idea for embossing folders with “divider tabs”. I keep mine in 4 x 6 photo boxes in a shoe box but this would be easier and probably hold more. Thanks for one more thing I can look for at the thrift shops. Barbaralee


  2. I love the Siri story. Too funny. Thanks for all the organizing ideas…and card ideas of course. You have motivated me to re-organize my craft room. Bought a holder for all my copic and other markers. Some were dried up so tossed those and the new holder is filled and takes up less space than the other container I was using. Thanks for all the tips.


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