Current Status

current statusSo this is the current condition of my studio!  Gasp!  I cannot seem to keep it clean when I’m stamping.  I wish I had a little magic wand I could just wave at the end of stamping and it would all get cleaned up!  Wishful thinking!  The ideas just sometimes come too fast and I need to move on.


3 Responses to “Current Status”

  1. Lori DeSaulniers Says:

    You don’t know how good this makes me feel! And actually, my room is 10 times worse! We’re babysitting grandchildren at their home, and my 9-year old grandson asked if this is my room! He hasn’t seen my room in a while, so doesn’t know how bad it is!!

  2. tommyswife23 Says:

    Yep, know the feeling~~took a pic of mine in this sort of shape just a couple of days ago~~E-gads!!!

  3. Michelle Pearson Says:

    ha! I recognize the creative mess! I have some of my own!
    can’t wait to see your studio someday for real! 🙂 Mine is less messy now though! 😉

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